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Twelve teams from the Ribble Valley came together to contest the right to be crowned Ribble Valley Girls’ champions on Thursday 22nd November at Accrington Academy.  They were split into three groups and each played all of the other teams in the group, the top teams qualifying for the quarter finals.

The standard was extremely high and the eight teams qualifying for the quarter finals were all showing great team spirit as they went into the games. St Marys Osbaldeston, Whalley and St Leonards Langho A all won their games outright but the games between St Leonards and Gisburn resulted in a draw and the dreaded penalties.  After 3 penalties each, the result was still tied so it went to sudden death with Gisburn emerging victorious after eight penalties.  In the semi-finals it was Whalley and St Marys Langho A who won their matches so they met in the final with St Marys Osbaldeston and Gisburn loosing and playing off for 3rd place.  The final was a close affair but St Marys Langho A won with a goal in the last couple of minutes of the game.  St Marys Osbaldeston proved too strong for Gisburn and took third place.  Thanks must go to Accrington Stanley Community Trust for supporting the event and to the referees from Accrington Academy for their great officiating.