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In the traditional spirit of World Book Day, Academy students and staff donned the costumes of their favourite characters to raise awareness of reading. Following on from amazing literature initiatives over the years, including Accrington Reads, The Literacy Festival and Big Talk, World Book Day is the latest instalment in helping students to develop their love for reading.

Organised by Denise Pollard, LRC Manager at the Academy, students and staff arrived in a whole array of creative getups, ranging from Sherlock Holmes to Einstein and even a few Where’s Wallies (although we weren’t entirely sure how many there were in school!).

Although Ms Pollard wasn’t in school for the day, her organisation and preparation meant the day went off with a hoot (Horton hears a what?). She even got staff to take ‘shelfies’ of their bookcases at home to create a competition of ‘Guess the Teacher’. 

The costumes were really well thought out and many of the English department tied it into the books that they will be reading with students today. Subject Leader, Mr Croniken, himself dressed as Mr Hyde from Jekyll and Hyde commented:

We want to inspire a love for reading in students. It was my English teachers who inspired it in me and we know this little bit of fun could be the drive they need!

Perhaps the favourite character of all was our very own Miss Tickle dressed as Mr Tickle from the Mr Men series (see photo below).

Keep on reading (something else other than this blog post though because it is just about to end…)