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Class of 2016, take a bow. It has been energetic. Frantic. Frenetic. It has been emotional. From the day you started in Year 7 to the last one in Year 13, the journey has been one of epic proportions. 

Coping with great change to the A-Level & BTEC landscape and embracing a new Sixth Form team, you have excelled yourselves. 

My lasting memories are of Lewis as Joseph with his Technicolour Dreamcoat and Ellis as Reverend Shaw in your big finale of Footloose. Or of Erika & Rhianna doing emotionally draining yet powerful dances at every school performance. Or of Coxhill’s monumental own goals rally in your first year of Sixth Form football. Or Connor’s big speeches in front of the whole school. Or Bobi & Jack co-ordinating your first ever music festival. Or of the Health & Social Care girls doing loads of fundraising activities for British Heart Foundation and Al-Imdaad. Or of Jess leading Saturday Sixes like a pro. Or Dev keeping all the Year 12s and Mr Weir in their place on the judo mat. Or the wonderful example your BTEC students have set on placement in our local community. Or the crazy (unrepeatable) stories from our NCS adventures at Lakeside & Dearne Valley. Or of Chris B breaking my nose (not many of you know about that!). Or of Marco running half of the miles in the SLT treadmill marathon. Or of Greggo keeping Bic pens in business. Or of Rhys & James having endless banter about Burnley & Blackburn (in my office every morning!!!)  Or of Jordan being your Sixth Form Counsellor. Or Niall’s Lion King tattoo! Or Nomaan, Zaysham & Safwaan coming in dressed coordinating. Or of Corey being the only person to order a meal at The Villa and not make it there. Or of Sammie doing…loads of crazy, clumsy, ditsy things and forgetting her head if it wasn’t screwed on!

Your teachers can’t miss this opportunity to throw in a few of their own memories too:

I must mention Junaid’s clumsiness in Chemistry in Yr12, particularly the first ISA in the new lab when he managed to knock over about 5 beakers and smash them in the space of 2 minutes. One containing Methyl Orange that smashed and dyed the new floor! Or Saf who gets the record for asking more questions than the exam paper every time he’s given a test to do. Or finally Adam Siddiqui and Saf who are like a duo in an Asian boy band who really enjoyed the time I made them throw quadrats on the field and wade through mud in their stylish…hm…ridiculous, trainers. All to work out the amount of clover on the field, when they didn’t even know what a clover plant was!! (Mrs Swift)

I’ll miss this lot (Mr Taylor)

Taking our students on the PriceWaterhouseCooper day was a real highlight of mine – students seeing all the possibilities that their hard work has created, and the excitement this created – it makes our hard work worthwhile! (Mr Ashton)

The list goes on.

There have been tears and tantrums, many toils and snares in ‘tween. They have been overshadowed by the incredible achievements of you all. It makes me feel proud to have been your Head of Sixth Form and privileged to watch you grow. Thanks for the memories. So long, make it count. Carpe Diem 

So, onto the class of 2017. What will you bring? Let me tell you one thing, there are some shoes to fill…

Sixth Form Group Pic Feb 2016