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By Amy Penny, Year 12 student

After rehearsing “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time” by Mark Haddon for just over 6 weeks, Monday evening saw us showcase a very successful performance! The piece is based around an autistic boy, Christopher, who finds a dead dog in his neighbour’s garden. He then attempts to solve the mystery and gets pulled into a much deeper puzzle.

The story is all told through his teacher, Siobhan, who reads the book that he has written, documenting his discoveries.

We performed as a small group of 6 students studying Theatre Studies as an AS Level. The performance can contribute to our overall grade therefore we decided to perform the piece to friends, family and other students to get their reactions and feedback. The concept of our play was to focus on movement and physical theatre in the style of Frantic Assembly, the UK’s foremost physical theatre company, to leave the audience with a greater understanding of an autistic mind.

The audience reacted positively to the whole performance, with amazement at the scenes where Christopher floats in space, chair duets representing feuds about divorce and Christopher’s internal conflict leading to a dramatic ending.

“The students portrayed a modern piece with characterisation and feeling. Their ability to showcase difficult issues through physical theatre is impressive indeed. The floating in space is without doubt my favourite bit!

Nicky Grace, Subject Leader of Drama & Theatre Studies