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This page is intended to be a one stop location for all resources and information that students may need to access in order to help you locate vital information that you will need whilst a student at the Academy.

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Students rights and responsibilities

At Accrington Academy, all students are valued as individuals within a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment. We believe that every individual is important and has a right to:

  • A supportive learning environment which is safe, secure and stimulating and in which all people are valued as individuals and where the environment and personal possessions are treated with respect
  • An outstanding educational provision that is appropriate to the individual’s needs
  • Learning activities and opportunities, at a personalised level, that match and provide challenges, encouraging students to achieve and make progress
  • Opportunities to develop confidence as a learner, in order to develop well informed attitudes and opinions.

Together with these rights, we must all share in a responsibility to:

  • Treat others as we would wish to be treated, with good manners and respect
  • Work hard to achieve our personal potential
  • Act in a manner that does not prevent others from learning
  • Express opinions in a manner which is socially acceptable, does not offend others and acknowledges that those of differing opinions can live in harmony with each other.
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Would you like to share your career experiences with our students?


With National Careers week approaching on Monday 2nd March,  we are looking to build up a directory of people in as many different jobs and professions as possible who would be willing to give an insight into the different roles they carry out.


If you are interested please follow the below link or contact the Academy directly - 01254 304300