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Studying at Accrington Academy

At Accrington Academy we will encourage all students to pick the combination of subjects that are most suited to them and their intended destination.

A-LEVELS (Year 1&2)

Students will normally study 3 chosen subjects in Year 12 and continue to study these into year 13. Some students will have the opportunity to study 4 A-Levels.

Vocational (BTEC)

Students will study 1 subject to level 3 Extended Diploma (exceptions Science & Computer Science). This gives students the equivalent of 3 A-Levels.

Combination (BTEC & A-Level)

For Some students a combination of BTEC & A-Level subjects may be the best route – this will be something to discuss at interview.

Studying A-Levels at Accrington Academy

Studying BTEC Courses (Vocational) at Accrington Academy


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