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Senior Student Executive

Being part of the Senior Student Executive is rewarding to your academic career and you as a person. You get to work as a team and voice the opinions of the rest of the students. It’s a brilliant thing to put on your CV and is recognised by universities and employers in personal statements.

Each year students are invited to apply for a position on the Senior Student Executive team. A rigorous process of selection is used and applications are carefully scrutinised and assessed. If a large number of applicants come forward a first round shortlisting process occurs and the ones that go forward are invited to a formal interview to discuss the role and what they would personally bring to the role and how they see themselves working for the benefit of all students in the school.

Hustings are held where the applicants can talk about their reasons for wishing to be elected to the Student Executive Team and the opportunity to question each candidate is offered to the student population. The formal interview is then held with the Head of School, The Head of Sixth Form and the current reigning Student Principal. The successful candidates are notified and a special handover assembly is held to recognise and congratulate the newly elected team members. This process provides a solid foundation for acquiring formal interview experience and is taken very seriously by the students.

Roles of a Senior Student

  • Lunch duties
  • Delivery of assemblies
  • Running student councils
  • Delivering enrichment activities
  • Co-ordinating Graduation Meal
  • Producing Academia magazine
  • Co-ordinating Alumni Association and events
  • Maintenance of displays
  • Peer mentoring
  • Saturday Sixes
  • Attendance as ambassadors at local recruitment events
  • Blogging for the website
  • Co-ordinating student voice campaigns