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Student Union and Societies

Being part of the Student Union is rewarding to your academic career and you as a person. You get to work as a team and voice the opinions of the rest of the students. It’s a brilliant thing to put on your CV and is recognised by universities and employers in personal statements.

Accrington Academy students’ union works in partnership with the Sixth Form team and is an independent organisation that works for you to make your student experience more enjoyable. We hold fun events and promote student-led activity. We offer support with a number of different issues to ensure you are engaged, represented and supported throughout your time at Sixth Form. Here are just a few of areas of support available to you from the students’ union.   •  Advice and support with Sixth Form issues • Organised trips, events and activities • A chance to enhance employability skills 

OUR SOCIETIES.  We also aim to help the creation and maintenance of societies through our Student Union members. Ideas for societies are:

  • Debating Society
  • Raise and Give (fundraising) Society
  • Table Tennis Society
  • Video Games Society
  •  Board Games Society
  •  Dance Society
  • Choir Society
  • Film Society
  • Sport society
  • LGBTQ+ Society

Roles of a Senior Student

  • Lunch duties
  • Delivery of assemblies
  • Running student councils
  • Delivering enrichment activities
  • Co-ordinating Graduation Meal
  • Producing Academia magazine
  • Co-ordinating Alumni Association and events
  • Maintenance of displays
  • Peer mentoring
  • Saturday Sixes
  • Attendance as ambassadors at local recruitment events
  • Blogging for the website
  • Co-ordinating student voice campaigns

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