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More than just results

A full induction programme ensures that all students quickly become confident in undertaking life as an Academy Sixth Form student. Ranging from independent learning skills through to teamwork activities, you will quickly become ready for an exciting two years.

Be creative
We are proud to be a ‘School of Creativity’. Give us the benefit of your imagination. We don’t want you to be the same as everybody else; we want YOU to shine. We want imaginative, original and critical ideas to shape your Sixth Form life. Of course, with your own netbook you can ensure your chance to shine in your studies at any time.

Enjoy our vibrant social side
Whether you’re new to our Academy or have been at the Academy for five years, the Sixth Form is an ideal place to meet new people and make new friends. Our brand study area is at the very heart of Sixth Form life. Social visits for meals, events and even our end of year ‘Outdoor Activities’, will help you form strong social bonds and relationships with each other and your tutors.

Play a part in our community

Accrington Academy student union works inpartnership with the Sixth Form team and is anindependent organisation that works for you tomake your student experience more enjoyable. We hold fun events and promote student-led activity. We offer support with a number of different issues to ensure you are engaged, represented and supported throughout your time at Sixth Form. Here are just a few areas of support available to you from the student union. 

  • Advice and support with Sixth Form issues 
  • Organised trips, events and activities 
  • A chance to enhance employability skills

Take all we can offer
We believe a key part of your experience lies in skills developed outside of normal teaching hours, with a range of exciting and challenging ‘after-hours’ opportunities.

And when you leave?
Well, you will never really leave as the memories of two fantastic years will be with you forever. Nevertheless, we will make sure you are fully prepared to successfully apply for further study or employment. In addition, you can join our Alumni Association when you leave.

Become leaders
We don’t just want you; we want your views and your voice. A Principal Student and Vice-Principal Student will lead an invaluable Senior Student Team with involvement in a wide range of school life decisions. Don’t wait for it, shape it!

How do you want to be viewed?
As a young adult on your chosen route to higher education and a successful career, we believe you need to set your standard now. Two essential elements to this are: Dress – Students in the Academy are to attend in smart, casual clothing, appropriate to a working environment and subject being studied. Attendance – Be here, be punctual and be ready to learn.

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