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We would love to hear from you but before you contact us please check to see if we can save you time and answer your question by looking to see if the frequently asked question section may have the answer you are looking for prior to completing the contact us form.  If it does not have your answer please complete the form below and a member of staff will respond to your enquiry asap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have parents’ evenings?

Yes, we value the partnership with parents and carers of students in the Sixth Form. These will be held in the Spring Term for both year groups. Dates will be posted on the website and are included in your Introduction to Sixth Form pack received on entry. There will be additional intervention parents’ evenings after our Data Collection (DC) periods throughout the year. You will be invited to these if appropriate.

What do I do if my child is struggling with their work?

Your child’s progress tutor is the first port of call, they then should be able to make contact with subject teachers and give you an update and areas for improvement. Failing this, please contact Head of Sixth Form Mrs Simpson at the Academy.


How regularly will you contact me with regards to my child’s progress?

At the beginning of every half-term, we produce a report which covers Attitude, Preparation (Homework), as well as Current and Predicted Grades. These will be appropriate to your child’s programme of study. This will be given to your child on the second Tuesday of a half-term (look out for it at the bottom of their bags!)

How are my son or daughter’s targets set?

Targets are set using ALPS Value-Added software. Essentially, this looks at the GCSE entry profile of your child and sets grades based on what the top 25% of students nationally would achieve who have a similar entry profile. This ensures the targets are aspirational.

What is meant by current and predicted grades?

Current grades are what a student is currently working at (it is based on all the work currently completed). Predicted grades are what a student should get if they continue with their current performance, taking into consideration the work that is still to come throughout the year. As the year progresses, these grades tend to get more similar.

Can my child book driving lessons/complete paid employment during Academy time?

We encourage all students to develop non-academic skills. All Academy lesson times are compulsory and should not be missed unless in extreme circumstances (a driving test would be such but not a lesson). Each student’s eligibility to be allowed to complete extra-curricular activities will be at the discretion of the Director of Sixth Form and will be determined by a student’s work ethic, current and predicted performance and current attendance and punctuality.

Will my child be expected to be in the Academy at all times?

The Academy day runs from 8.45-2.50. Students can come into the Academy from 7.30am and stay until 6.30pm in the evening, working in designated study areas. Students are expected to stay until 3.50pm on a Wednesday for their enrichment activity and they will have a scheduled 1:1 tutorial at a time arranged with their form tutor. If parents would like to be informed of the details of these tutorials, please contact your child’s form tutor. The current procedure about the use of study periods is under review but as it is, students are expected in for the full Academy day.

Can my child leave at lunch or break times?

Yes, as long as they sign out using the InVENTRY swipe ID system. Students should not take more than their permitted time at either break or lunch time or they will face disciplinary procedures.

How can my child get food in the Academy?

The Sixth Form has a designated Coffee Shop which sells a range of hot and cold products, as well as vending machines in this area. Alternatively, all Sixth Form students can use the main school’s dining facilities, including pasta bar, hot food counter and sandwich bar, or use local amenities as long as they sign out using the InVENTRY swipe ID system and on their return to the Academy.

Is my child entitled to Free School Meals in Sixth Form?

Free School Meals exists for all students 11-18 who are in full-time education and are eligible due to household income. If you feel you might be entitled to this, please speak to Mrs Eatough, Sixth Form Administrator.

What financial support is available when students study in Sixth Form?

The 16-19 Bursary is available to all students who are in full-time education and are eligible due to household income. If you feel you might be entitled to this, please speak to Mrs Eatough, Sixth Form Administrator. If you face financial difficulties at any time during your child’s education and you have not previously been eligible for the bursary, please contact us at the Academy as we may be able to help in some way. We offer free* bus passes for students in the Academy Sixth Form too. *subject to terms & conditions

Can you provide confirmation of the start and end of term for benefits or other purposes?

1st September-31st August.

Can I book a holiday for my child during term time?

No – term-time holidays will be authorised as per main school attendance policy. This will affect attendance rates for your child and may result in an escalation on the disciplinary policy and/or withdrawal from the course.

What should I do if my child is ill or has an appointment?

If at all possible, we encourage students to come into the Academy and be sent home by a member of Sixth Form Leadership Team if they are too ill to be in. In the case where you feel your child is too ill to be in the Academy, please contact the main school telephone system and leave a message on the Sixth Form answer phone, clearly stating your child’s name and reason for absence. Appointments should not be made during the Academy day, especially for routine check-ups. If these are unavoidable, please ensure your child brings a note into Mr Ashton with details of the appointment in advance.

Who should I contact if there is a pastoral concern regarding my child?

In the first instance, a child’s progress tutor should be the contact person. If you feel the issue is more serious or immediate, please contact Mr Ashton, Sixth Form Pastoral Manager, Miss Gregory, Assistant Director of Sixth Form or Mrs Simpson, Director of Sixth Form

What should I do if our details change?

Attached is a Data Collection Form for you to update any contact details. Please keep us informed of mobile telephone changes.

My child is going on a trip but has lost the medical form?

Attached is an Educational Visit Medical Form for you to complete for any Academy trip. If you need information regarding the details of the trip, please contact the trip co-ordinator (details may be accessible through ‘Courses’ pages if it is a subject-specific activity). This form will need to be completed for every trip a student attends.

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