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We are dedicated to providing an ‘all-round’ education which encourages individuality and experience. We ensure that our students are provided with the right opportunity for their development and we manage this delivery through the three categories below (every subject will provide options in each category). Our commitment to developing and broadening your skills has led us to create diverse and valuable extra-curricular opportunities. Throughout the year, a range of activities and trips are planned, some of which are highlighted below. These Sixth Form-wide opportunities make the time you spend with us memorable.

Enrichment opportunities will be planned for and delivered through  individual subject areas making your enrichment experiences appropriate for your development in specialist areas. This will equip you with the skill set, qualifications and experience that you may not always cover in lessons but is paramount in what you need in order to stand out from the competition when applying for universities, apprenticeships or jobs. 

You will register for each enrichment session across the area(s) that you study each week ensuring that you get experience of specialisms  that are required for future progression. All enrichment opportunities at the Academy will run on a Wednesday afternoon after your form period. Students will register and attend the enrichment session of your choice. This is also the time allocated to Sports Fixtures and those students studying the EPQ qualification in addition to their chosen studies. 

My next steps….

A student is involved in a particular scheme that is working in partnership with the Academy for example:

  • Lancaster University Mentoring
  • Tomorrow’s Teachers
  • East Lancashire Scholars Programme
  • UL University Fellowship
  • Oxbridge Conference

Something new….

This is an opportunity to participate in an activity that the student may never experienced before and may take place in term time or as part of holiday provision:

  • Gorge Walking
  • Paint Balling
  • Going to the Theatre
  • Visiting the Manchester Christmas Markets.

To better myself…..

Students can gain accreditation and qualifications in a variety of areas:

  • Level 1&2 FA Coaching
  • NICAS Climbing Qualification
  • D of E Silver and Gold
  • Lifeguard Qualification.

Students are offered the ‘once in a life time’ opportunity of going on an expedition to various places around the world. Students have previously visited India and Iceland in the summer of 2017.

Linking into the curriculum, a number of activities are provided by each department and these range from Geography field trips to Economic revision sessions at the Lowry.

We are also open to student feedback and our student executive team are often feeding back on what they feel students would like the opportunity to be involved in.

Student Testimonials – Enrichment

Lancaster University Mentoring

This year, along with six other Year 12 students, I took part in a course exclusively run by Lancaster University, where we learnt all about what our further education lives would be like, and what to expect from different courses. Our mentor, who is in her last year at Lancaster University, came into Sixth Form, three times, each time for an hour long session. We were told all about what courses there are at different universities, from a degree in Biology, to a degree in The Beatles! She also explained what societies and clubs are available for us to take part in, and what the social life as a whole is like especially at Lancaster University. 

Our next and final step is a trip to the university in June, where we will be taken on a tour of the campus, and have the chance to see what university life is like during term time. We were given interview and personal statement advice and have been guaranteed an interview at Lancaster University in Year 13!

On behalf of everyone in our group, I think it’s safe to say, that this mentoring programme has been very beneficial for us all, and we have found out so much more about further education than we thought we would, and we can’t wait to see the university! 

Rachael Wootton

Sixth Form Student

Tomorrow’s Teachers

I thought that the Tomorrow’s Teachers experience was extremely beneficial to help me know what it would like to be a teacher. I wanted to take part in the activities due to the fact that I have an interest in possible teaching when I am older. It allows me to have an advantage over other people, therefore giving me more of a chance to be successful. During the activities, I found it extremely eye-opening as to how teaching actually works and how difficult it can be.

I think that the Tomorrow’s Teachers experience will help me further down the line in life as it allowed me to be more of a leader in a team and helped me contribute to a group. I learned about lesson planning, behaviour management and learning styles, which were all really interesting. Due to my experience in cadets and Tomorrow’s Teachers, I believe I have gained a beneficial edge towards teaching in the future if I take that career path.

Brandon Ashton

Sixth Form Student

Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award

Throughout doing my Duke of Edinburgh I have experienced many things, it has helped me evolve my skills from cooking food on our own, to using a map to guide myself around the country side. The best part of the experience is the memories, chasing my map across a field of cows, when Bria and I mistook a fence to lean on for an electric fence or the endless singing of Lion King to motivate our way to our final checkpoints.

The experience has allowed me to work with students I would not usually have done so and visit new places. For my Gold Duke of Edinburgh I hope to achieve something more than walking the fells in the Lake District; I want to push myself further to see better things and experience more. I really look forward to working as a team again to help us all get through the expedition and have a great time. This makes the whole experience better because it allows everyone to laugh and create even more memories.

Rebecca Edwards

Sixth Form Student

Yorkshire Peaks Challenge

As part of our preparation for the Iceland Expedition with World Challenge, as well as tying into our Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, a group of us attempted to hike the Yorkshire three peaks. The weather was not ideal, there was snow, rain and hail while we walked up the mountains. We did manage to get to the peaks of two of mountains. Ingleborough and Whernside, but because of the poor weather we couldn’t make it to the third.

However it still was an interesting experience that should help my group get prepared for the trek in Iceland and help get the others their Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, even with the muscle pains that we had for weeks after! It was especially impressive as the Sixth Form staff gave up some of their Easter holidays to accompany us on it.

Jacob Firestone

Sixth Form Student

Villiers Park East Lancs’ Scholars

Villier’s Park Educational Trust are an educational trust based just outside of Cambridge. They specialise in helping bright students to reach their full potential. They do this through a number of university trips and residential visits. The East Lancashire Scholars’ Programme is the first programme of its kind in the North West of England, and is already in full swing.

We have already been on a residential at Lancaster University and are continually working to achieve the goals that were set out for us on the first visit to the University. We were involved in some brilliant teamwork and leadership activities throughout the residential. More information about Viller’s Park Educational Trust can be found out at their website,

Morgan Shanks

Sixth Form Student

Level 1 FA Coaching Course

I was interested in coaching as I have always played football at a good level, seeing me train with Blackburn Rovers and many other grassroots teams through my childhood. I came to the realisation that I wouldn’t become a professional footballer, however, was keen to stay involved with the sport through refereeing and coaching.

Therefore, Sixth Form gave me the opportunity to take part in a Level 1 coaching course run by the FA at the Lancashire County Ground in Leyland.  The experience was thoroughly enjoyable and taught me many lessons that would help me in my young coaching career. 

Blake Barrett

Sixth Form Student

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