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Today was the day for our Senior Student Executive interviews and what’s day it was! 18 candidates turned up despite the snow (it is the 28th April how on earth?!!) and presented themselves admirably.  

The day started with a group task in the LRC. The students were split into 4 groups and were given a scenario. They needed to discuss their ideas for approximately 20 minutes and then present back to the other groups. All the while there were 6 sets of eagle eyes observing the process. Talk about nerve-wracking!!

Each student then had a 10 minute interview where they were gruel led about their values on leadership, who they aspired to be like and how they would add value to the Sixth Form. They all performed exceptionally – without fail. 

The tough decisions were made and we opted for 13 students to make our SSE 2016-17. Well done to all involved and here’s to a fantastic legacy for future Sixth Form students. 

Senior Student Executive 2016/17

Blake Barrett
Jenna Tate
Morgan Shanks
Amy Penny
Nazerene McDaid
Natalie Whitham
Conner White


Molly Waring
Courtney Sargeson
Francesca Martina
Marney Dawson
Stephanie Ribchester
Poppy Baron