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Health and Wellbeing

The link between Pupil health and wellbeing and attainment:
Pupils with better health and wellbeing are more likely to achieve academically.
Effective social and emotional competencies are associated with greater health and wellbeing, and better achievement.
The culture, ethos and environment of a school influences the health and wellbeing of pupils and their readiness to learn.
A positive association exists between academic attainment and physical activity levels of pupils.
Physical activity has been linked to improved classroom behaviour across the whole school.

The Reality

Nearly a third of children aged 2 to 15 are overweight or obese.
Children from low income backgrounds are the worst affected (twice as likely to be affected by the age of 5, three times as likely by the age of 11)
Chief Medical Officer guidelines says that children should undertake at least 60 minutes and up to several hours of activity each day.
Approximately 75% of primary age children do not currently do the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity a day.
From Sept 2017 the sugar tax on soft drinks and sugary snacks will double the primary sports sports premium with more emphasis placed on what schools are doing towards the health and wellbeing of pupils.
Whilst schools cannot possibly provide all of the solutions, they will be tasked with providing at least thirty minutes of vigorous physical activity in every school day.
A new healthy rating scheme for primary schools will be in place from September 2017


Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing


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Brilliant B’s Bring Success

Accrington Academy hosted a year 5&6 football competition for players who hadn’t represented the school in football this year. Ten teams entered being split into two groups of five. Group A was won by St Marys Langho on goals scored (6) after finishing on 10 points with Benjamin Hargreaves who was 2nd scoring (5) goals, third in the group was Green Haworth with 6 points, 4th was Peel Park B on 3 points and 5th was Edisford with 0 points. St Marys Langho and Benjamin Hargreaves waited for the winners and runners up from Group B which would be Peel Park A in first place with 10 points ahead of St Leonards Langho who finished on 9 points, 3rd place went to Spring Hill on 5 points while 4th place was St Joseph’s Hurst Green with 2 points leaving St Marys Oswaldtwistle 5th with 1 point.

The semi-final stages saw 2 derby matches with Peel Park A versus Benjamin Hargreaves in the Hyndburn derby and St Leonards Langho vs. St Marys Langho in the Ribble Valley derby. Both games started really fast with all 4 teams having chances to score early. It was St Leonards Langho who booked there place in the final winning 2-0 against St Marys Langho they would play Peel Park A after drawing 0-0 versus Benjamin Hargreaves it was down to the dreaded penalty shootout which Peel Park won 5-4.

It was a replay of the group games as Benjamin Hargreaves played St Marys Langho in the 3rd/4th place playoff with the team from the Ribble Valley coming out on top with a 1-0 win to leave with Bronze medals, it was another success for Ribble Valley as St Leonards Langho beat Peel Park 2-0 in the final to win gold medals.

It was fantastic to see new players playing Football and getting the chance to represent there school, the football leagues run throughout the year and not 1 player playing tonight had played in them fixtures. Well done to everyone there was some fantastic Football played in good spirits from all players, teacher and parents.

Oakhill are Dodgeball Champions 2017

Oakhill was the venue for the 2017 dodgeball competitions with 13 schools travelling from across the Ribble Valley to become Dodgeball champions 2017. The format of the games was that if players got hit below the head they was out, teams had 10 mins to try and eliminate as many players in that time. The team with the most players left on court are the winners.

The teams was split into 4 groups with the top 2 teams progressing to the semi-final stages. Group A was won by Gisburn who won all 3 of their group games ahead of Edisford with 2 wins, Brookside finished 3rd who won 1 game with Grindleton in 4th place. Group B was won by Oakhill A who won 2 out of 2, Sabden was runners up winning 1 game leaving Brennands in 4th place. Whalley won both games to win the group ahead of Oakhill B with 1 win and Pendle A. Group D was won by Pendle B winning both games ahead of Oakhill C in 2nd and Clitheroe St James in 3rd.

The semi-final stage was made up of Gisburn vs. Oakhill A with the team from Oakhill winning and Whalley vs. Pendle B with the Clitheroe school coming out on top to meet Oakhill in the final. The 3rd and 4th Place play off was won by Gisburn who left with Bronze medals while Whalley finished 4th. The final was won by Oakhill A winning gold medals and Pendle B winning Silver.

Thank you to Oakhill for hosting the competition, Thank you to all school staff, children and parents for supporting on the day.

Rishton CC Host 1st Year 4&5 Cricket Event

Rishton Cricket Club played host to 12 primary school teams with their year 4&5 cricket teams made up of 10 pupils. The teams was split into 4 groups of 3, Group A would see St Bartholomew’s, St Johns Great Harwood and St Marys Langho compete while Group B was contested by Simonstone, St Anne’s & St Josephs and St Marys Oswaldtwistle . Group C featured St Marys Clayton A, Benjamin Hargreaves and  Spring Hill while in Group D St Marys Clayton B, Peel Park and Sacred Heart.

The quarter finals was made up of St Bartholomew’s vs. St Marys Clayton A with St Bartholomew’s winning the place in the semi final where they would meet the winner of St Johns Great Harwood vs. St Anne’s & St Joseph’s which was St Anne’s & St Josephs. The other semi final was made up of Benjamin Hargreaves after they beat Spring Hill and they would play St Marys Oswaldtwistle after they beat St Marys Clayton B. The semi finals would be 2 really tight and tense games St Bartholomew’s beat St Anne’s & St Josephs while Benjamin Hargreaves just about beat St Marys Oswaldtwistle after a tie game Benjamin Hargreaves managed to win a bowl out. The 3rd/4th place play off was won by St Marys Oswaldtwistle who left with bronze medals. The final would be a really close game with St Bartholomew’s needing 4 from the final 3 balls of the game, a 6 was hit and they defended the last 2 balls to win the game.

Thank you to Rishton CC for hosting and Norden High School for providing leaders. A special mention must go to all in attendance players, teachers, leaders, parents who at 11:00am stopped what was happening and observed the national minutes silence for the Manchester Arena Attack Victims.

Accrington Academy turns into a jungle as Primary Schools take part in Animal Olympics

11 primary schools would bring 10 key stage 1 pupils to Accrington Academy to take part in the Hyndburn animal Olympics. The children who attended took part in a circuit of events and games with points being awarded for completing the events in the correct way.

The events the children took part in was Monkey Madness (Agility Course), Hungry Hippos (Throw 3 bean bags into a basket), Ostrich Egg (Pass a rugby ball in a line over/under), Slithering Snakes (Dribble a ball through cones using a Hockey Stick), Skippy the bush kangaroo (Skipping), Bunny Bounce (Jump 10 times over a speed bounce), Busy Bees (balance a tennis ball on a racquet) and Cheetah Sprints (Sprints under 10 seconds). All the children would do each event.

The points was added up with the following teams finishing in the top 3:-

  1. Peel Park Panthers – 248 Points
  2.  Electric Elephants from St Marys Clayton – 212 Points
  3. Baxenden Best Busy Bees – 198 points

Well Done to everyone involved. Thank You to Accrington Academy Leaders for running the events.

Teams Run, Jump and Throw to succeed

On a sunny day in Accrington. Schools from the areas of Hyndburn & Ribble Valley ascended upon Wilsons Playing fields to take part in the annual quad kids athletics event. The Ribble Valley schools took part in the morning sessions as 18 teams took part in 4 events for both boys and girls, the events was Standing Long Jump, Vortex Howler Throw, 50m Sprint and 400m run. The results was as follows :-

Balderstone A 836 17
Balderstone B 833 18
Gisburn 1,186 7
Sabden 1,033 15
Chatburn 1,062 13
Pendle 1,129 10
Simonstone 1,011 16
Whalley 1,346 2
St Leonards Langho A 1,444 1
St Leonards Langho B 1,105 12
Edisford 1,221 5
Clitheroe St James 1,034 14
WWB 1,181 8
St Marys Langho A 1,242 3
St Marys Langho B 1,226 4
Oakhill 1,176 9
Read St Johns A 1,123 11
Read St Johns B 1,199 6

The Hyndburn schools was up next with 17 teams taking part in the same events. the results was as follows:-

  Team Points Rank
1 Mount Pleasant 1,132 9
2 St Bartholomew’s 1,340 1
3 Huncoat 1,179 7
4 St Nicholas 1,172 8
5 Peel Park 1,107 11
6 St Anne & St Josephs 1,194 5
7 Baxenden 1,263 3
8 St Marys Clayton A 1,132 9
9 St Marys Clayton B 887 14
10 St Marys Clayton C 760 16
11 Benjamin Hargreaves A 1,275 2
12 Benjamin Hargreaves B 907 13
13 St Marys Oswaldtwistle 1,223 4
14 St Johns Great Harwood 97 17
15 All Saints A 1,193 6
16 All Saints B 930 12
17 Whiteash 787 15

Thank you to all schools who took part in the event. Thank you to St Augustine’s High School for providing the young sports leaders who ran the individual events alongside members of Hyndburn Athletics Club.

december, 2017

4dec4:00 pm- 5:30 pmHyndburn KurlingKS14:00 pm - 5:30 pm Accrington Academy SchoolOrganisation:Sports partnership primary schools

5dec9:30 am- 4:00 pmU14 Girls Badminton9:30 am - 4:00 pm Accrington Academy SchoolOrganisation:Sports partnership secondary schools

6dec9:30 am- 4:00 pmU14 Boys Badminton9:30 am - 4:00 pm Rhyddings High SchoolOrganisation:Sports partnership secondary schools

7dec4:00 pm- 6:00 pmRibble Valley KurlingKS14:00 pm - 6:00 pm St Augustine's RC High SchoolOrganisation:Sports partnership primary schools

12dec1:00 pm- 3:00 pmSanta DashYear 41:00 pm - 3:00 pm Hyndburn Athletics Club, Wilsons Playing FieldsOrganisation:Sports partnership primary schools