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Written by Marney Dawson, Y12 student

As part of our ECM day, the Year 12 students took part in a session held by the Wasted Lives organisation, intending to inform young people about real stories from real people and the tragedies that can so easily happen from unsafe driving.
We were lucky enough to hear from a number of powerful speakers, including paramedics, fire-fighters and the family members of those who had unfortunately been involved in such accidents- something which really emphasised the reality of their words.
This was a moving and particularly hard hitting experience, really opening our eyes to how greatly our actions can cause severe consequences, but also how our actions can save lives if they are the right ones. Though it was quite challenging in some parts, this only reiterates how important this message and cause is.
With road collisions being the biggest killer amongst 15-24 year olds, as well as so many students starting out on the roads at this age, this couldn’t have hit home any more, making it all the more meaningful. Without a doubt, the words spoken today have had an impact- one that will hopefully make a difference upon all of our choices.  
We also had the opportunity to download the Beautiful Tragedy song by Mike Dignam: