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Year 10 Match Report – AWAY CRGS
Team:  Courtney Jackson, Paiton Harrison, Zoe Demain, Jodie Manners, Georgia Walmsley, Ellie Barnes, Harleigh Middleton, Sam Howarth and Alacey Webber
The final score was 4 1/2 – 7 1/2 to CRGS.
Strengths – One of our strength throughout the match was our running to each post. I think this is one of our strengths as we were fast and had good reaction times. This enabled us to score half rounders and sometimes full rounders helping us to keep the score quite close.
Weaknesses – one of the teams’ weaknesses in the match was our throwing and catching. This is because a lot of people were throwing under arm which are slow passes, meaning that the ball didn’t reach the post in time in order to stump the players out. Another weakness that we need to improve on is our communication as a team. I think this was particularly bad in this game and resulted in us losing the match. The final weakness was our batting as there was only 5 members of the team who actually hit the ball within the match. 
How to improve for the next match – in order to improve I think that all the members of the team should attend practices in order to improve on all of their skills as well as getting better working as a team and communicating with each other.
Courtney Jackson (Team Captain)
Year 9 Match Report – AWAY CRGS
Team: Charlotte Airey, Ellie Gotts, Joesi Gardiner, Josie Broom, Gracie De-Maine, Holly Thompson, Erin McDaid, Beth Kissock and Simone Ellson
The final score was 4 – 9 to CRGS
Unfortunately we lost the game against CRGS. Accrington Academy scored 4 rounders and CRGS 9 rounders. All of the team played really well and tried their hardest especially in the 2nd innings. The two players who we voted to be players of the match were Josie Broom and Erin McDaid as they were consistently good at both batting and fielding. Our technique when catching could be improved to make sure we don’t waste time as well as our batting to make sure we are hitting the ball more consistently and away from the opponents fielders.
Charlotte Airey (Team Captain)
Year 8 Match Report – AWAY CRGS
Team: Dolcie Power, Emily Simpson, Ellesse Dudley, Annie Lyons, Kaci Whittle, Paige Shepherd, Angel Gabbott, Rachel White, Georgia Curtis and Ashleigh Proctor.
The final score was 2 1/2 – 12 1/2 to CRGS
At the start of the match the bowling was okay but towards the end of the game Dolcie delivered a few no balls. As this is our first match of the season we struggled with throwing the ball the distance between the post. Georgia also struggled with throwing the ball from back stop to second base which resulted in CRGS scroring a number of half rounders, sometimes leading to full rounders. Rachel struggled on 4th base and failed to catch a number of deep fielded balls which once again meant we did not stop the other team from scoring. Our batting has improved since last year and Kaci Whittle managed to hit a number of balls quite far which meant she managed to score us a couple of rounders – well done Kaci.
Dolcie Power (Team Captain)
Year 7 Match Report – AWAY CRGS
Team: Katie Chadwick, Shannon Studholme, Lily Dowling, Honey Edmundson, Elle Fox, Emilie Gillibrand, Summer Dean, Olivia Holmes, Katie Spence, Hollie Maringo and Tori Hogg
At the start of the game we were batting and CRGS were fielding. In the first innings Shannon Studholme managed to get 2 full rounders as well as Summer Dean hitting it far and getting 1/2 a rounder. We could all improve on our batting as our technique isn’t the greatest and also knowing when to chance running and when to wait at the base. CRGS were really good at fielding and managed to get two of our players out. Katie Chadwick would be our player of the match as she was excellent at fielding the ball in as well as good at batting. Katie was also good at backing up the base players in case they dropped an incoming ball. Well done team on our first game.
Katie Spence