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In preparation for their upcoming exams, our students are trying lots of creative ways to help them remember all the content. The balcony, common room and classrooms have become a hotbed for brilliant revision maps and charts. 

Psychology students, Sammie Gibson & Georgina Clark were working on revising for their Unit 3 exam. 

We have 72 studies to learn and be able to apply so we decided to look at forensics and health psychology, using our classroom space to focus on issues such as the death penalty, reasons for why people commit crime, causes of stress and disorders such as depression, schizophrenia and phobias. The issues are supported with research evidence within the specified fields and are topics that are extremely relevant in today’s society, with the increase in mental health issues and crime among people of all backgrounds within British society. (Sammie Gibson, Year 13 student)

Nadia Hussain, the girls’ teacher echoed, 

With so much information, it is about dissecting it into chunks that are manageable to digest and remember. The girls have used this display as well as more acronyms than you can SASA (shake a stick at!). 

Hopefully the hard work will pay off!