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UL Fellowship

The Fellowship is a ground-breaking initiative for groups of sixth form students with outstanding leadership potential to become agents of social change, both within their own schools and wider society. The programme seeks to provide participating students – known as Fellows – with a set of leadership and project management skills that will not only offer a highly impressive addition to UCAS forms or job/apprenticeship applications, but also engage their social curiosity and support them in making lasting social impact. 

The University Fellowship seeks to engage students with high academic potential in addressing one of the most complex issues of social justice facing this country – the higher education access gap. Fellows selected for this programme will be expected to deliver a leadership project which promotes higher education, either in their own school or another nearby. Fellows on this strand will be paired with a trained mentor, both to help them in the planning and delivery of their projects, and to support the Fellow in achieving their own aspirations to attend the academic institution of their choice. 

Entry criteria: Any Year 12 student from any United Learning school in the country expecting to achieve at least ABB at A level, with aspirations to attend an academic university (40 places available nationally) Selection process: Application form (endorsed by a teacher from their school), telephone interview.

The Fellowship Structure

Step One: Matriculation residential (April 2016)
The big kick off. Fellows from both strands will come together to explore ideas of leadership and making social impact. They will also have separate sessions focusing on their respective areas: University Fellows will explore issues surrounding higher education access, while Enterprise Fellows will engage with the importance of careers education and work experience. It will be a steep learning curve, with a variety of exciting, challenging sessions to offer you the best platform for your year as a Fellow. 

Step Two: Designing your leadership project (April-July 2016)
After the matriculation, you will use the skills you develop at matriculation to design your project. This is your chance to really make your mark on the higher education access issue. You will be provided with resources to support you in the design, and assigned a mentor. The deadline for submitting proposals to United Learning will be 15th July 2016. You will receive written feedback on your project within two weeks, including a mark. 

Step Three: University applications (July – October 2015: University Fellows)
For University Fellows aspiring to elite universities, it is not only vital that your application is of the highest quality, but also submitted in good time in order to maximise your chance of acceptance. It is too late to start thinking about it in September – you want to hit the ground running. 

Step Four: Project delivery (September 2016 – February 2017)
This stage will involve putting your plan into action. You will keep a record of what you do, including copies of any resources you use. You will also evaluate the effectiveness of the project. 

Step Five: Graduation residential (Easter 2017)
The whole group will come back together to share projects. You will present your experience to your peers, celebrate your achievements and reflect on the year together. The residential will also mark your graduation from the Fellowship, and you will become Fellowship Ambassadors, subject to passing the project. 

Step Six: Becoming Ambassadors (A lifelong journey…)
The journey does not stop here. You will become the second cohort to become Ambassadors, an alumni network that will offer a lifelong connection to your own cohort of Fellows, as well as cohorts in previous and future years. We will strive to support you in your continued development as a leader of social change.

This year 2016, the following Accrington Academy students were successful in becoming UL Fellows:

  • Jenna Tate
  • Blake Barrett
  • Quirat Haq
  • Ben Dewale
  • Morgan Shanks
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