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Theatre Studies


A-Level Theatre Studies allows students to develop both knowledge and enjoyment of Drama and Theatre by exploring plays from specific practitioners’ perspectives and developing their own acting and theatrical skills through a range of performances.  You will study plays ranging from Ancient Greek comedy to contemporary drama, devise your own original pieces of theatre and explore practitioners such as Stanislavski, Brecht and Artaud.

Sometimes parents & carers are concerned when their young person wishes to take A-Level Drama & Theatre Studies in case it is “not a proper academic subject”. They should be reassured as this is actually one of the most testing courses in terms of research, analysis communication and writing that can be studied. The skills involved can be used in a wide range of University courses and careers, including journalism, human resource management, law, teaching and of course, acting.

Steve Jobs said “Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. … and the reason they were able to do that was that they’ve had more experiences or they have thought more about their experiences than other people.”  Studying A-level Theatre Studies develops the very skills that Jobs is speaking of, by exposing you to experiences and ideas beyond your own; by encouraging you to explore the world around you and by requiring you to come up with innovative and original ways of working.  It is a course valued by employers and universities alike and will provide you with some of the most memorable moments of your time in sixth form.

Year 1

  • Component 1: Interpreting drama.
    Written exam on a set text and a live theatre performance. 40% of overall level
  • Component 2: Process and Performance
    Practical exploration and interpretation of two scripted extracts, supported by a portfolio evidencing the process and performance. 60% of level

Year 2

  • Component 1: Drama and Theatre
    Written exam on a set text and a live theatre performance. 40% of the A-level
  • Component 2: Creating Original Drama
    Working with a group to create a devised piece of theatre, supported by a working notebook evidencing the process and performance. 30% of the A-level
  • Component 3: Making Theatre

Practical exploration and performance of three scripted extracts accompanied by a reflective report analysing and interpreting the theatrical interpretation of each. 30% of the A-level.

A-Level Year 1

Unit 1 – Exploration of Drama and Theatre (20% of the total A-Level marks) The practical study of two contrasting play texts accompanied by a set of exploration notes.

Unit 2 – Theatre Text in Performance (30% of the total A-Level marks) Performing a monologue and group scripted performance to a visiting examiner and live audience.

A-Level Year 2

Unit 3 – Exploration of Dramatic Performance (20% of the total A-Level mark) The research, development and performance of a devised piece of theatre accompanied by written evidence reflecting on the process and performance.

Unit 4 – Theatre Text in Context (30% of the total A-Level marks) The detailed study of one set play text and one prescribed historical period of theatre development assessed through a two and a half hour written exam in June.

Accrington Academy’s Drama Department gives you the chance to study in a friendly, supportive environment with teachers who personalise your learning to enable you to succeed.  We have fantastic facilities that rival any in the North West and combine this with a strong extra-curricular programme including opportunities such as performing in a full-scale musical each year, smaller studio performances, running drama clubs for younger students and trips to the theatre, which last year included Manchester’s Royal Exchange and The Swan in Stratford Upon Avon.

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Students achieving grades A* - C (2015)

I thought A-Level Theatre Studies was an exciting opportunity to study something creative and practical. Although I didn’t have a lot of performance experience before starting the course, I knew I would enjoy the challenges of live performance having done extra-curricular drama in KS4. I love the range of play texts we study and developing a performance from initial ideas through to a polished piece of theatre. I know Theatre Studies has given me greater confidence and the ability to think imaginatively.

Abigail Pickup

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  • Theatre Director
  • Stage/Set Designer
  • Actor
  • Arts Administrator
  • Theatre Manager
  • Theatre Studies
  • Theatre Studies

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