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Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour and the mind. It offers a unique experience that develops a distinctive and broad set of skills. It’s located in scientific method and allows scope for extensive evaluation from a range of perspectives. You will have exciting opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of Psychology. In the first year you will cover a range of 10 topics including obedience, memory and the importance of the unconscious mind. Within each area of study you will examine key pieces of research and how this fits into Psychology as a whole. As well as this you will carry out your own research into an area of Psychology you are interested in and analyse your findings using key Mathematics skills. In the second year you will study abnormal behaviour, crime and child psychology. By taking an in depth look at three topics you will gain the opportunity to develop your evaluation and analytical skills and apply psychological research to real life.

The course is designed to provide students with the exciting opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of psychology, allowing students to:

  • Gain hands on experience of a range of different research methods encouraging active learning.
  • Appreciate how psychological knowledge and understanding develops over time.
  • Explore applications of psychology and gain an insight into how psychological theory can be applied to real world situations.
  • Develop the ability to communicate effectively using appropriate language and become psychologically literate citizens.

Year 1

Students in Year 1 will study research methods and psychological themes through core studies. Students will learn about 5 areas of psychology: social, cognitive, developmental, biological and individual differences, as well as a classical study and a contemporary core study from each area. Learners will also examine key debates within psychology such as nature vs nurture and reductionism vs holism and apply these to the study of human behaviour.

Learners must be familiar with the collection and analysis of data and this will be done while studying research methods such as experiments, observations, self reports and correlational studies.

Year 2

In year 2 students will continue to look at psychological themes through core studies and will learn a further 10 core pieces of research. Year 2s will also do a unit on applied psychology. This section includes the study of mental health and an additional unit on criminal psychology, child psychology, environmental psychology or sport psychology.

Year 1 – Assessed at the end of the first year and is made up of two 90 minute examinations:

  • Research methods 50%
  • Psychological themes through core studies 50%

Year 2 – Assessed at the end of the second year and is made up of three 2 hour examinations.

  • Research methods (01) 30%
  • Psychological themes through core studies (02) 35%
  • Applied psychology (03) 35%

As part of the course we make visits to Chester Zoo and a psychology trip to London which will include a trip to the Royal Museum of the Mind, hypnotherapy workshop and a Jack the Ripper tour.


Psychology Staff

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Mrs N. Hussain

Mrs N. Hussain

Teacher of Pyschology

I began my teaching career in 2008 after completing a post 16 PGCE with UCLAN. At the time I...

Mrs N. Hussain

Mrs N. Hussain

Teacher of Pyschology

I began my teaching career in 2008 after completing a post 16 PGCE with UCLAN. At the time I worked for Lancashire Constabulary and did the post 16 qualification with the intention I would continue in the police force within their training department. However being in the classroom and working with young adults allowed me to realise teaching young people is what I wanted to do! Completing my BA Honours in Social Sciences and then the post 16 qualification was only the first steps into education. I then completed a QTLS which allows me to work with 11+. I completed my NQT year at St Wilfrid’s in Blackburn and have since worked in the post 16 sector teaching Sociology, Psychology and Law. I joined the Academy in September 2015 as a Social Sciences teacher and love teaching Psychology and Law in my current position. Outside of school I love socialising with family and friends, enjoy travelling and try and visit the gym on the odd occasion!

Although I never regarded science as my forte, the idea of exploring a subject that’s social as well as technical really appealed to me. Not only did it complement my other subject choices, it helped me develop skills such as investigation, analysis and the ability to identify relationships in information. Even now, at university two years later, I regularly find myself absorbing information in various ways, rather than just through one perspective – a skill I believe is a result of studying this subject. Psychology gave me a real challenge, and it was a challenge I definitely benefited from!

Kamila Samin


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