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A level PE is an excellent course for those students who enjoying playing sport or are considering a career in this area. It provides a platform to develop sporting skills and gain understanding around sport and fitness, as well as how this has developed as an industry. This course combines both practical and theoretical elements where students will demonstrate their performance levels within their chosen sport.

The course is designed to build on knowledge and learning from GCSE PE or Level 2 BTEC Sport but it is not essential that these have been studied to access the course. As a student you will enhance your understanding on anatomy and physiology, exercise physiology, sport psychology and movement analysis.

All students have full sports kit for the duration of their course and we have formed extensive partnerships with Blackburn Rovers, Accrington Stanley and British Cycling, to name a few.

Unit 1

  • Healthy Active Lifestyle.
  • How the body responds and adapts to exercise.
  • The components of physical and skill fitness and different methods of fitness training.
  • Rationale behind fitness assessments and fitness tests.
  • Understanding of how competitive sport has developed over time. Learn how lifelong involvement in sport is encouraged.

Unit 2

  • Two performances from a choice of three roles (player/participant/leader/official) recording their performance over a period of time.
  • They will then undertake a study into the provision for all three roles at a local level, followed by a study of the provision for one role at thenational level.
  • Lastly, produce an analysis of their performance relating to at least one of the activities offered in the first task.

In Year 2 you study Unit 3 & 4, which are a more detailed overview of aspects covered at Year 1.

Unit 3

  • Physiological and psychological preparations made by elite athletes.

Unit 4

  • Specialise in one practical performance role and progress this performance, and undertake three further tasks.
  • Construct a development plan to further progress their performance as player/participants, leaders or officials.
  • Research one of these roles in an international context, taking in grassroots participation, elite performance and other factors.


A-Level Year 1

Unit 1 – Participation in Sport and Recreation (Externally Assessed) – Examination

Unit 2 – The Critical Sports Performer (Internally Assessed) – Coursework A-Level Year 2

Unit 3 – Preparation for Optimum Sports Performance (Externally Assessed) – Examination

Unit 4 – The Developing Sports Performer (Internally Assessed) – Coursework

The course is designed so that it is assessed both practically through performance in sport and coursework elements, alongside written examinations in each year. Being a linear course helps cater for the needs of all pupils.

Previously pupils have visited Blackburn Rovers Football Club for sport science testing and performance analysis. Here they also analysed the movement and biomechanics of professional footballers in action. A trip was also organised to the Manchester Velodrome where pupils not only were allowed to get involved but also were able to apply specific sports science analysis on the sport of cycling where they analysed the biomechanics of the sport and the performance analysis of cyclists.

Pupils also attend a residential, where they can develop team building skills and interact as well as participate in a range of Outdoor Adventure Activities. On the course students attend regional judo and table tennis events as part of their assessment – pupils have been graded in judo free of charge on four separate occasions and are now green belts.

Other students are part-funded through Level 2 FA Coaching badges and refereeing, fencing and lifeguarding qualifications These are only a handful of opportunities available to pupils at Accrington Academy.

Physical Exercise


A-Level Pass Rate

I chose A Level P.E,  because a career in the Sporting industry is an option for my future as I have always been involved in sport and have enjoyed playing it throughout lower school and for teams outside. I believed that this course was going to be beneficial for me in order to send me to university and offer me many opportunities that would allow me to stand out. I am currently in my first year and already I have learnt about the history, psychology, contemporary concerns and the anatomy throughout Sport. I have been given the opportunity to try and develop new sports such as Judo, I have visited top class sports facilities like Sports city in Manchester and the Velodrome the home of the GB cycling team. I have also been funded to complete my Level 1 & 2 in football coaching as well as being officially graded within Judo. Overall the course has been very enjoyable and the teachers offer their knowledge and guidance in a way that that has so far allowed me to be very successful. 

Blake Barrett


This subject goes well with…. 

This could lead to a career as a….

  • Health Psychologist
  • Sport and Exercise Scientist
  • Nutritionist
  • Sports Therapist
  • Outdoor Activity Instructor
  • P.E.
  • P.E.

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