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Accrington Academy offers a lively approach to A-Level Music, creating opportunities for students to develop their musicianship as a performer, composer or a listener!  There are 3 components to this creative A-Level.

Component 1: Performing

Throughout the year you will do a number of performances of a variety of genres. You will perform solos and ensembles, and you could also have the opportunity to explore performance through the medium of music technology. 

Component 2: Composing

Composing involves creating your own music in a variety of styles. One composition will be set to a brief, and the other will be completely free to a style that you prefer!

Component 3: Appraising

Appraising is listening to and analysing music from different genres. You will learn about a variety of styles of music, including: vocal music, instrumental music, music for film, pop music, jazz, fusions and new, modern music. You will then sit an exam and answer questions based on the music that you hear.

The course is delivered in a holistic manner, so in most lessons you will develop skills for all 3 components of the course. It is a lively, practical course with opportunities to explore a wide variety of different music from different eras and genres.

Year 1

o   Develop performance ability to prepare a 6 minute long repertoire set for a recital on any preferred instrument or voice.

o   Develop composing skills to create a 2 minute long, quality composition.

o   Learn about a variety of genres of music through 12 different set works.

Year 2

o   Develop performance ability to prepare an 8 minute long repertoire set for a recital on any preferred instrument or voice.

o   Develop composing skills to create a 4 minute long, quality composition.

o   Learn about a variety of genres of music through 18 different set works.

Component 1: Performing 30%

This component will involve you preparing a selection of performances, and choosing your best songs to perform as a recital. You will be expected to perform for 6 minutes for Year 1 and 8 minutes for Year 2. The recordings will then be sent to an examiner for marking based on accuracy, performance quality and interpretation.

Component 2: Composing 30%

Composing is externally marked. One composition will be in response to a brief set by the examining board. You will then write sleeve notes to justify how you have responded to this brief, and to discuss what has influenced your composition. The second composition is free to your liking.

Component 3: Appraising 40%

Throughout the course you will learn a series of set works (pieces of music) from specific genres and eras to understand and be examined upon. Then you will sit an exam which plays extracts from these set works and you will answer questions based on what you hear.

There are many opportunities for students to get involved in trips and events. We hold an in house concert every full term and it is encouraged for all KS5 musicians to be involved. We are also often invited to be involved in larger events outside of school (for example, in the past year we have performed on BBC1 for an International rugby match, England vs New Zealand, and we have performed on a West End Stage in London, as well as local events in Lancashire.)

As well as these performance and composing opportunities, we also endeavour to take students out to see music live and to explore music in the world of work.

Students are expected to be involved with musical groups, including Vocal Adrenaline, Glee Club and the variety of school bands, e.g. steel pans or Drum Machine.


Number of students predicted to achieve grade A* - C

Academy life, the shows and bands I have been in and the opportunities and more importantly the unwavering support of the amazing teachers made pursuing music at A level a No Brainer!

Madeleine Clegg


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