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Studying law at Accrington Academy will give you an insight into the way justice is administered in this country. You will learn about how the courts ensure that a fair verdict and sentences are issued in criminal trials. The subject will develop your ability to form an argument and justify it in a debate and most likely help you succeed in winning every argument. It will also develop your critical analysis skills and ability to think outside the box.

The course begins with the study of juries and how they help achieve justice in criminal trials. The course continues to focus on criminal law and key criminal cases where you will have the opportunity to discuss your opinion on the case and whether the verdict and sentence were the right decision.

journey-lawYour Child’s Journey in Law

You can download this document to view a term by term, year by year breakdown for the journey your child will have when they choose Law as one of their options.  

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The Key Stage 4 course in Law covers the English Legal System where students learn how judges select an appropriate case, the process of a trial and rules of evidence whilst also looking at key professions within the law. Students will learn how to become a solicitor or barrister and eventually a judge. Students then progress on to learn about Criminal Law and Tort Law.

Students study a variety of criminal offences from murder to theft and apply their knowledge to hypothetical legal scenarios. The Key Stage 4 course prepares students for studying a variety of A levels, you won’t only develop your legal skills but also your ability to communicate verbally and in written work.

It is not essential for students to have studied Law at GCSE in order to successfully access the Key Stage 5 course. Law at Key Stage 5 covers the justice system, it enables students to learn about how trials in a criminal and civil court are conducted. Students will visit local courts and witness justice in action for really cases.

Students will study how the court sentence young offenders as well as adult offenders and how the law adapts and updates to reflect the changes in society. Students then progress on to studying Criminal Law.

The focus of the course is on key case law from a range of criminal offences from murder to theft. Students will develop their analytical skills and be able to comment on whether the law achieves justice or whether it is failing society.

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78% A*-C pass rate

I love studying law because I enjoy hearing about all of the criminal cases.

Poppy Baron

Year 11 Student

I find law so interesting to see how the courts deal with serious criminal offences.

Tiegan Mitchell

Year 11 Student

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