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The History Department in Accrington Academy is an engaging and challenging department that encourages students to not just learn about the past but reflect on it. What implications does it have? How has it shaped today?

We now offer both GCSE and A-Level history with two classes at A-Level and three in GCSE Year 9. Many of our students have also continued their History studies at Universities around Britain studying both modern and ancient History.

History prides itself as being one of the most popular subjects with students. We are keen to challenge students and develop many transferable skills including analysis and debate.

Don’t come to history if you don’t have an opinion!

journey-historyYour Child’s Journey in History

You can download this document to view a term by term, year by year breakdown for the journey your child will have when they choose History.


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Every student has one History and one Geography lesson per week.
In Key Stage 3 History we pride ourselves at offering a wide range of historical subjects that will inspire all students.

History is a popular option at GCSE and is offered from Year 9 upwards.
Students will have five lessons over the two week period.
A range of subjects are offered at GCSE to inspire students and to give an overview of the past. Students enjoy the fun and engaging lessons with competitions throughout.
At GCSE we aim to challenge students to have opinions and justify them, challenge themselves to think differently about the past and inspire to achieve.
History is fast becoming a firm favourite with A-Level students. Students have the opportunity to study a breadth and range of topics so that the curriculum suits everyone. From Henry VIII to Civil Rights, from Stalin to Kaiser, there is an opportunity for everyone to enjoy A-Level History. There is no denying the A-Level History is one of the most challenging subjects you can take, that is why we love it! We make you think!

In History we pride ourselves on creating a cohesive learning environment that allows students to progress throughout all Key Stages. History is a challenging subject that makes students think. There are high expectations of all students in History and in all lessons we focus on students achieving ‘One Step Beyond’.

There is a wide range of activities outside of the classroom in the History department, students have visited Auschwitz Concentration Camp. The Sixth Formers are currently preparing for our younger students to have a visit from a Holocaust survivor. We have visited Ypres and seen what an actual trench would look like. Students have visited a wide range of museums including the Imperial War Museum, the Liverpool Titanic Museum and the Medical Museum in Leeds. There is one to one tuition with key students before and after school, lunch time revision and mentoring sessions with students, Saturday Sixes with Sixth Form students teaching GCSE and more!

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Achieving A*-C

History Projects & Activities

I picked history for a GCSE because I have a fascination for learning about the past and it is something that I really enjoy. In history we learn about different topics, such as the Cold War and Germany. I think that it is a really good subject because the lessons are really interesting and you become really knowledgeable. Although there is some writing it is worth it in the end because you know how to get good grades.

Aisha Munir

Year 10 student

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GCSE History
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