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The English Department at Accrington Academy is committed to ensuring that the needs of all our students are met. 2015’s examination results bear testimony to this where our students achieved 63% A*-C in GCSE English Language. 73% of our students met expected progress along with 34% exceeding expected progress which is better than the national average. 94% of our A Level students achieved an A*-C grade and the cohort received an ALPs grade 2 that is rated as outstanding.

We are committed to our students developing their skills in the basics of functional English, we are also keen to promote academic rigour with a love and enjoyment of the subject. The English Department offers a stimulating, diverse and creative curriculum. The study of English is broadly split into three skill areas: Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening. The students will be assessed in each of these skills over the course of their studies in each year group. Our students progress from securing basic skills in reading and writing, to analysing a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts, to creating their own original works. The skills developed and embedded, support all students in their progression from KS2 to KS5, maximizing their chances of success.

The Academy has adopted the Edexcel exam board following the change to the new 9-1 curriculum where the students have to study a range of fiction and non-fiction texts along with developing creative, discursive and transactional writing. At Key Stage 5, our students follow the new AQA AS and A Level in English Language and Literature. The course includes the study of a range of fiction and non-fiction texts including poetry, novels, blogs and plays. They also learn how to adapt their writing to suit a given purpose and audience with accuracy and precision.

journey-englishYour Child’s Journey in English

You can download this document to view a term by term, year by year breakdown for the journey your child will have when they choose English.  


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At Accrington Academy we use Year 7 and 8 as the foundations for the skills needed at GCSE. We have a thematic ‘Mastery’ curriculum which utilises all the technology available in our well-resourced department.

The ‘Mastery’ curriculum requires students to have competence in a skill before moving on to the next skill. This ensures that all students build the necessary compliment of skills to ensure success at Key Stage 4. All our schemes for learning follow a research, read, model and replicate format. This enables us to study spoken language, reading and writing skills every half-term.

The themes overarch all subjects in the school and promote cross-curricular links and shared outcomes. In Year 7 we study travel writing (Making a New…), war poetry (Red Alert), survival texts (Into the Wild), Shakespeare (Under the Sea) and nineteenth century mystery narratives (What Conspiracy?).

In Year 8 we study the moon landing transcripts (Race to the Moon), ‘The Time Machine’ by H.G Wells (2056), 9/11 survivor stories (Who’s the Boss?), detective stories (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service), the development of the English language (Thoughts, Paper, and Beyond) and the poetry of Simon Armitage (Superheroes).

All our schemes for learning embed the use of technology. As most students have an iPad, we share our courses and resources on iTunesU. In addition we use the online assessment tool ‘Doddle’ to baseline the students ability and check their progress. All our preparation and practice i.e. homework, is available via the ‘Show My Homework’ online platform. The students also undertake the ‘Accelerated Reader’ programme that encourages reading for pleasure through quizzes and league tables of who has read the most books/words.

In Years 9 to 11 we focus on the delivery and then revision of the GCSE curriculum. Year 9 and 10 are following the new Edexcel 9-1 specification for English Language (1EN0) and English Literature (1ET0). The course follows thematic units created by the department: Man vs Man focusing on ‘Blood Brothers’ or ‘Lord of the Flies’; Monster vs Man focusing on ‘Frankenstein’ or ‘The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ and Family vs Family focusing on ‘Romeo and Juliet’. English Language and Literature content and skills are taught within each unit along with follow up revision units devoted to each aspect of the final exams. Therefore analytical skills are developed across a range of pre-twentieth century fiction and twentieth/twenty-first century non-fiction. All creative and transactional writing styles are explored developing the students’ ability to write for all types of purpose, audience and format. The contextual requirement of the literature GCSE provides opportunity for students to develop their research and presentation skills.

Our current Year 11 are the final year group to undertake the legacy WJEC English Language GCSEs with controlled assessment and tiered entry. We also utilise the Edexcel Level1/2 Certificate, which does not require a written controlled assessment.


At the Academy we offer AQA English Language and Literature at both Year 1 (7706) and Year 2 (7707). This course provides an opportunity for students to explore the study of English Language and Literature as an integrated discipline. Students are allowed to gain greater confidence in handling both spoken and written English through the study of the spoken word, literary and non-literary texts. Essentially, students will develop their own abilities as users of English.

The variety of assessment styles used, such as re-creative writing, commentary writing, discursive essays and research- based investigative writing, allows students to develop a wide range of skills. These include the ability to read critically, analyse, evaluate and undertake independent research, which are invaluable for both further study and future employment.

Accrington Academy’s English Department gives you the chance to study in a friendly, supportive environment with teachers who personalise your learning to enable you to succeed. 


Theatre visits are offered where appropriate. In addition we had planned to visit Paris (as we study an anthology containing a range of texts about Paris) – unfortunately due to the terrorist events this had to be cancelled, however we hope to offer this in the future.

This is the one stop place for all your revision materials!

Visit the English Departments online resource page for supplementary video learning resources.

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A*-C GCSE English

Results from this course are excellent!

‘I love the way English has developed my analytical skills. I now think outside the box and can read into the many meanings behind language choices. In addition to this, I’ve found that it has a number of transferrable skills that fit with my other subjects. Plus, it comes with a credibility that is desirable by both employers and universities.’

Jordan Goodman

Year 13 student

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GCSE English Language
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