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Business Studies

Business Studies is a subject that will give you an understanding of the world of business. As part of the GCSE course, we look at the ways businesses are set up, the way they function and the way they are managed. We look at the impact of growth and changes in business; giving you the opportunity to complete your own investigation in to a business.

Business is front-page news.  The way companies operate is under greater scrutiny than ever before, while TV programmes like The Apprentice and Dragon’s Den have raised the profile of business to a new generation. During your studies we will discuss current hot business topics as they appear in the news and talk about the potential impact of what is reported.



journey-businessYour Child’s Journey in Business Studies

You can download this document to view a term by term, year by year breakdown for the journey your child will have when they choose Business Studies as one of their options.  

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At KS4 having sensibly chosen business as one of your options you will be introduced to the world of business and study the following units:

Unit 1 looks at setting up in business and allows you to explore the issues concerning setting up and operating a business. You will look at starting up, legal structures, marketing, finance as well as people in business in relation to businesses starting up.

Unit 2 looks at growing as a business, and allows you to build upon your knowledge and understanding developed through unit 1, and look at the issues that may occur with expansion. You will look at changes in legal structure, as well as the impact of growth on marketing, finance, people and operations.

Unit 3 investigates business and allows you to develop your own individual response to a pre-released scenario. You will investigate business and produce an individual piece of work.

If you are interested in the world of business then Edexcel Business A Level  is the subject for you. During the course you will investigate what businesses do and gain an understanding of business finance.

 You will:

  • learn about and understand the world of business
  • develop skills in the financial aspects of business
  • carry out research, both within and away from the classroom
  • learn how to work in a team with other members of the class
  • learn through investigation in addition to listening and reading.

How will I be assessed? There are three exams each lasting two hours.

Paper 1 is equivalent to 35% of the A level. Questions will be on marketing, people, and global businesses.  The exam questions will be drawn from themes 1 and 4.

Paper 2 is equivalent to 35% of the A level. Questions will be on business activities, decisions and strategy. The exam questions will be drawn from themes 2 and 3.

Paper 3 is equivalent to 30% of the A level. The exam investigates business in a competitive environment. Questions are based on a pre-released document that focuses on an industry or market in which businesses operate. Questions will be drawn from all four themes.

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New Course Assessment

  • Unit 1 is assessed through a 1-hour examination paper worth 40% of your overall GCSE. 40% 40%
  • Unit 2 is assessed through a 1-hour examination paper worth 35% of your overall GCSE. 35% 35%
  • Unit 3 is assessed through a controlled assessment worth 25% of your overall GCSE. 25% 25%

Business Studies is one of my favourite lessons in school. I have enjoyed learning business terms and understanding how they apply to the real world. It gives me ideas about real life, which I cannot necessarily get in other subjects. I have recently learnt about the shops that I visit daily. As an example, I have learnt that McDonald’s is a form of franchise and therefore each store is owned by a different individual.


Callum Pearson

Year 11 student

Options Booklet


GCSE Business Studies
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