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Art is an imaginative and challenging subject at Accrington Academy that many students find unique and enjoy.  We encourage our students to develop their own creative style both in the classroom and during many enrichment activities. Students embrace an exciting range of past and present artists and designers through gallery visits and imagery.
Working with enthusiastic, passionate staff with industry knowledge; we encourage and guide our young artists and designers to work as part of a team and think imaginatively. We encourage our students to be increasingly independent workers and to be in control of their own personal creativity. With high expectations we support our students in Art to prepare them for an extensive range of opportunities in an ever growing creative world.
Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.
Pablo Picasso

journey-art-thumbYour Child’s Journey in Art

You can download this document to view a term by term, year by year breakdown for the journey your child will have when they choose Art.  


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Every student in Key Stage 3 has a 1 hour Art lesson and are given homework tasks to enrich their understanding.
Students work on themed projects that will teach basic skills needed to blossom into a fantastic artist in KS4.  Students will be given opportunities to experiment with a variety of Media; including paint, 3D, photography and Photoshop. Confidence, skill and creativity is encouraged to flourish!  Students will look at the work of traditional and contemporary artists, designers, illustrators and photographers as part of the curriculum. Finished Art work is displayed all around the Academy for everyone to admire! Students are encouraged to develop their independent learning, teamwork and creative research skills.
Students can opt to study GCSE Art & Design; Graphic Communication or Photography. Each option has 3 hours of lessons a week.
Art is a very popular subject at Accrington Academy with student’s creativity stimulated by a variety of topics in all three option choices.  Our exam results are improving year on year, which demonstrates student’s enjoyment of the subject.
Students attend Art lessons three times a week and follow an AQA programme of study focusing Analysis of Artists and Designers, refining of ideas, recording ideas and personal response. GCSE Art Graphics and Photography students complete a minimum of two major projects over the two year course, studying a specific theme and a specific artist and movement.  In Year 11 students then complete a 10 hour practical exam based on a theme set by the exam board.
The Art Department runs booster sessions four nights a week providing students with access to specialist equipment and more importantly one to one support.
We offer Art & Design at A-Level Year 1 and 2
The course comprises of students working through set project briefs in at least 2 specialist areas to complete Unit 1. This Unit is designed to encompass a wide range of experiences and skills across the Art and Design spectrum. Though all students are expected to work through these projects, their open-ended nature nevertheless allows ample scope for personal interpretation. In non-contact time, students are expected to produce personally initiated work. Towards the end of Year 1, students will be interviewed with their portfolio to assess its quality and discuss possible future developments in Year 2 Unit 3 Personal Study.
Contextual research is an integral part of the course and informs students working practice at every stage. Students will be given the opportunity to make local gallery visits as well as to participate in enrichment activities such as working with artists. These will provide a range of historical, contemporary and cultural research opportunities.
Dance Studio

I like that we don’t do boring stuff, my teacher has always got an activity to do. This makes the lessons more fun and enjoyable. That’s why I am picking Art for G.C.S.E

Kian Cambridge

Year 9

GCSE Art Showcase

Options Booklet


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