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Studying Law at Accrington Academy presents a new, exciting and rewarding opportunity not just for those who intend to pursue a career in the legal profession.

For those who do intend to pursue a career in law, this course provides an excellent foundation as students learn about the English Legal System and the role of law in today’s society. Students will also specialise in Criminal Law which provides opportunities to understand how the law determines whether or not a person is guilty of a crime. Within this there are opportunities to see the law in action through visits to local courts as well as enrichment opportunities like mock court trials and debating clubs.

If students do not wish to pursue a career in law this course provides an excellent opportunity to develop a wide range of skills that are valuable in all professions. These include analytical, problem solving, literacy, debating and organisational skills to name only a few.

Whatever your future plans are,, studying Law is an enjoyable experience and at Accrington you will given the best opportunities to excel in your work whilst being taught by subject specialists in the field.

Year 1

  • Unit 1- English Legal System. Topics covered:
    • The powers of the police, civil courts, criminal processes (includes bail, what happens in a court trial, and appealing a court’s decision), sentencing, legal professionals (solicitors and barristers) and lay people (magistrates and juries).
  • Unit 2 – Sources of Law. Topics covered:
    • How Parliament makes laws, Judicial Precedent (how judges make law) and European Union Law.

Year 2

  • Unit 1- Criminal Law. Topics covered:
    • Principles of criminal liability, attempted crimes, Murder, Manslaughter, non fatal offences (assault, battery, ABH, GBH), offences against property (Theft, Robbery, Burglary), general defences (insanity, self defence etc).
  • Unit 2- Criminal Law Special Study.
    • This is a pre-released paper where students focus on one of the areas of criminal law mentioned above in depth.

Year 1 Sources of Law: written paper of 1 hour worth 40% of marks.

Year 1 English Legal System: written paper of 2 hours, worth 60% of marks.

Year 2 Criminal Law Special Study: written papers of 1 hr 30 minutes, worth 40% of marks.

Year 2 Criminal Law: written papers of 2 hours, worth 60% of marks.

During the course students will undertake educational visits to enhance their understanding of the subject including, visits to local Magistrates and Crown Courts, the Houses of Parliament and the Supreme Court of Justice in London.

Students wishing to pursue a career in Law will also be encouraged and assisted in finding local placements which offer invaluable work experience and insight into the day to day responsibilities of a lawyer.

Law Staff

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