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History helps us make sense of the world around us now and how it has developed. Students are challenged to work independently, develop substantiated opinions and analyse the past critically. Apart from being extremely enjoyable and enabling students to learn about the past – that is, to understand the past and, through it, come to a far better understanding of the present – history also offers students the opportunity to improve on many of the key skills which have been identified as a priority for their journey into Higher Education

History places particular stress on the development of independent thought and analytical skills, and requires excellent communication skills, namely high levels of literacy and oral presentation. Consequently, students following the history course will be expected to do a great deal of independent work and independent thinking, as well as a good deal of reading and writing.

History at Accrington Academy is ideal for those people who ask why, who want to understanding in more depth, who are curious about the impacts of key events in the past. History is not for people who don’t have opinions. In history you will be challenged to question the past, question historians, question yourself. This will lead you to making sustainable conclusions and opinions which may not be the same as your teacher – and that’s ok!

Year 1

England 1485–1558: the Early Tudors (20 mark analytical essay in the exam)

Enquiry topic: Mid Tudor Crises 1547–1558 (two source based questions worth 10 and 20 marks in the exam)

Democracy and Dictatorships in Germany 1919–1963 (two analytical essay questions each worth 30 marks)

Year 2

Russia and its Rulers 1855–1964

  • Tsarist rule in Russia and its impacts
  • The Provisional Government
  • Lenin and his impact
  • Totalitarian rule of Stalin including terror, collectivisation, the cult of Stalin and WWII

*Students will also complete a coursework module in year 2

British Period Study and Enquiry 50%  Level 1 hour 30 minute paper

Non-British period study 50%  Level 1 hour 30 minute paper

Two students each year are nominated by their teacher to visit Auschwitz concentration camp and become a school ambassador for the Holocaust Educational Trust

Opportunity of a trip to London to visit Hampton Court and the Tower of London, to fit in with the British period study.



Number of Students achieving grade A* - C

In A-Level History you discuss ideas and discover history yourself. there is a sense of independent learning I’ve come to value greatly when going into university. I decided to study History at Bangor University having gained an ability to analyse, a better sense of explaining my viewpoints, and a greater skill of evaluating my own work. I now study medieval history modules having developed an avid curiosity whilst at Accrington Academy. (It’s not all swords and knights, but also a surprising in depth analysis of farming – which has also proved interesting) Jordan Parker


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  • Archivist
  • Archaeologist
  • Curator
  • Teacher
  • Museum Director
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