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Economics is about the way we get the things we need and the services we require. Economics is not just about money or the decisions made by governments and big businesses. It is about the ways that choices are made about the different uses of the resources that we use. Economic theory provides a platform for the consideration of topical questions such as: What would be the impact of the UK leaving the EU? Why do interest rates matter? Should students pay university fees? Why do Premier League footballers earn such high wages? Should you pay for hospital treatment?

Economics combines well with most other subjects including Mathematics and other Social Science and Humanities courses. Economics combined with a foreign language can provide valuable preparation for work with a company with overseas links.

Graduate economists are in high demand for their analytical skills and are well prepared for their careers in the public and private sectors in the Civil Service, local government, banking, accountancy, insurance, finance and general management.

The programme follows a thematic approach and delivers understanding of economic theory in a real world context.

Year 1

Theme 1 – An Introduction to Markets and Market Failures

Theme 2 – The UK Economy – Performance and Policies

Year 2

Theme 3 – Business Behaviours and the Labour Market

Theme 4 – A Global Perspective

Year 1 and the Year 2 A-level are each assessed through two examination papers. The examinations comprise a range of multiple choice questions, short answer questions and data response questions.

Visits to the Bank of England and the Offices of employers such as Price Waterhouse Cooper are a vital part of the programme. Students will also take part in external debates and competitions.


Students achieving grade A* - C

I chose this subject due to its similarity to and application of Mathematics. I enjoyed the Treasure Island Challenge, thinking about how we could apply simple concepts to Economic Theory and how mentally challenging the subject is.

Fayzaan Hussain


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  • Financial Adviser  
  • Economist  
  • Insurance Broker  
  • Mathematician  
  • Accountant
  • Economics
  • Economics

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