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East Lancashire Scholars’ Programme

Accrington Academy has been invited by Lancaster University and Villiers Park Educational Trust to participate in the East Lancashire Scholars’ Programme. The Academy is one of only 6 schools in Lancashire invited to take part. The four year programme is quickly gathering a national reputation as a flagship initiative that provides a comprehensive pathway to help able students from less advantaged backgrounds reach their full academic potential, gain access to leading universities or other centres of excellence, and to thrive once there.

The Accrington scholars taking part, who are year 10 and 12 students, are provided personalised, targeted one to one support based on an established plan with a university mentor who visits them on site. The scholars are also provided with an array of opportunities that enhance their academic progress including:

  • intensive and challenging master classes and courses that promote a passion for learning
  • attending residential activities at university campuses that provide profession based networking opportunities and foster social skills by mixing with students from other schools who share a similar ability and social profile
  • an Online Hub that provides a safe environment for scholars to communicate and access high value information and expertise, as well as extension activities that encourage independent learning and foster challenge beyond A Level requirements
  • an undergraduate e mentor who is currently studying the same degree subject they are thinking of taking to enable them to make informed choices about their academic future
  • family support workshops that cover topics such as study, revision, choosing a university and student finance

The programme also provides leadership and training. This will allow the scholars to provide effective training for their peers within the Academy and help to ensure that the impact of the programme is not limited to a select group of students, and is instead the catalyst of a new culture of academic expectation for the student population as a whole.

Check out the programme details and eligibility criteria at:

Villiers Park Impact Report

Villiers Park Impact Report

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