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This weeks nominees for the Principal Award Nominations:

Year 7, nominated for Music by Mr Withington
Year 8 , nominated for Music by Mrs Clarke
Year 10, nominated for Law by Mrs Ghaffer
Due to technical issues (me not being able to work a camera),  unfortunately we do not have pictures of last weeks winners, these where…………..
Year 7 A Loftus
“I haven’t taught this class for very long and I’ve been really impressed with some of the answers he has given when asked to infer from a source. He thinks his ideas out logically and also has good reasoning behind what he says. I particularly like his ideas behind why Monks have ‘that’ haircut”. Mr Tong, History.
Year 8 M Norman
“For the way in which she approached her latest assessment”. Miss Palmer, History.
Year 9 Y Munir
He consistently tries with all his work. He completes work to the best of his ability and always completes his homework. He does not like a lot of attention but will answer questions in class. He seems a very more mature person compared to the student I saw last year and he deserves some recognition for the changes he has made”. Mrs Lovell,  History.
Year 10 R Mott
Consistently works hard, researches the topics during his own time, invests money into resources to further his education has never dipped below a level 8 attainment. Mr Tong, History.
Year 11 Z Mahmood
“Outstanding revisions notes and advanced independent academic routines”. Mr Hughes, History.
These are all students who have shown the United Learning values in their class. They have all worked hard and should be extremely proud of their achievements.
Well done to all these students!!