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Well done to the above student’s who have received a Principal’s Award for their outstanding contributions to PE and Dance.
Year 7, nominated by Miss Lawson.
She is the most enthusiastic student and an excellent role model. She does countless hours of extra curricular and represents the school teams in Netball, Rounders, Athletics, Gymnastics, Swimming and more! She demonstrates an excellent understanding of all areas in PE and shows she can apply this knowledge to any given question. A fantastic student who has a very bright future in sport! Well done! 
Year 8, nominated by Miss Clarke.
She has been working exceptionally hard both in PE lessons and also extra-curricular to make excellent progress. She attends the Girls Active club, as well as currently representing the school in rounders and athletics. She picks things up quickly and progresses rapidly when she is applying herself and has made some great progress in both athletics and rounders over the past half term. Keep up the good work!
Year 9, nominated by Miss Gregory.
I have nominated her for her performance in rounder’s, for catching two outs in two consecutive games from a deep field position.
Year 10, nominated by Miss Allcott.
She always shows 100% commitment to anything she does in Dance and is really hard working. Her efforts in attending extra-curricular sessions and improving is brilliant if that involves coming into the Studio when she can alone she will.