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Here at Accrington Academy we encourage pupils interested in sport to choose A level PE. On the A level PE course we have provided students with a range of sporting opportunities for them to choose from, however we are most proud of our recognition as a specialist Judo hub within Hyndburn and Ribble Valley. This is because we have an established relationship with John Hope a Great Britain Judo competitor who comes in and delivers judo to each of the students on the course. Despite none of them having attempted or performed any judo prior to A level PE, they have all thoroughly enjoyed it and dramatically developed as a performer.

Students have made numerous comments such as;

This is something I never thought that I would have been doing in the course but I have enjoyed learning and developing skills in less commonly played sports. Overall, I hope to use this course as a platform to develop my sporting skills and to gain more knowledge of PE. I believe that even if I do not pursue a sporting career, that I will be able to transfer these skills I have learnt into the future


Before choosing PE I would never have thought that I would take part in Judo, but now I am an official green belt and I have gained many skills as a result of this. I have also gained a lot of confidence whilst doing this PE course when having to perform as an umpire for table tennis in front of an examiner which resulted in part of my final grade.

The judo program has not only allowed them to participate in sport but also enhance their knowledge and understanding of the sport as well as obtaining judo licences and regular gradings allowing them to progress up the different belts. At present the students on A2 have achieved red, yellow, orange and green. All of these have been paid for by the Academy and will continue to, so that we can develop each individual student into recognising their potential and enhancing performance levels.

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