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Purple Pen Project

Empowering Parents – Supporting Your Child’s Learning

EP Co-ordinator: Mrs K Mahmood

What is the Purple Pen Project?

As a busy parent, I am all too familiar with the lack of time available to support our children with their learning. In order to allow you to get a glimpse of your child’s progress, one book/piece of work will be sent home on the Friday of every week from a different subject. Please follow the guidance on how you can support your son’s/daughter’s learning using your purple pen. This can be done by writing or merely by asking key questions to encourage dialogue with your child regarding how they are progressing in the classroom.



parent handbook

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Please download a copy of the Parent Handbook.


Thursday 7th February 192.50pm-3.50pm104English
Focussing on the structure of exams.
Thursday 14th February 192.50pm-3.50pm104Maths
How to support your child with Hegarty Maths
Thursday 28th February 192.50pm-3.50pm104Study Skills
Tips on how to revise and manage your time effectively
Thursday 7th March 192.50pm-3.50pm104Science
Focussing on the structure of exams
Thursday 14th March 192.50pm-3.50pm104Geography
How to revise and get the most our of your learning
Thursday 21st March 192.50pm-3.50pm104Stress Management
How to manage stress, relaxation tips for you and your child
Thursday 28th March 192.50pm-3.50pm104History
Why is it important

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