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We are welcoming three more students to our ‘Millionaire Club’, these are students who have shown their love for reading and have read over a million words.

This student made it his aim to become a ‘millionaire’ in Year 7 and has smashed this by achieving millionaire status in just 8 months. He got well on his way by reading all the Harry Potter books and has read 32 books in total.

Another Year 7 student! She has read and been quizzed on 23 book and read a total of 1,010,024 words. Her favourite book is ‘missing me’ which is part of the Sophie McKenzie trilogy. She also enjoys reading scary stories.

Our third millionaire is from Year 8. She likes to read larger books so she has had to read less books to become a millionaire. She has read and been quizzed on 16 books with a total of 1,380,938 words.

This is a fantastic achievement and we would like to congratulate them on their success!