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On Friday 10th June Ollie and Olivia blew away BBC Radio Lancashire’s presenters Sally Naden and Brett Davison, as well as visiting musicians “The Jerseys”. After hearing Ollie and Olivia’s debut performance on Youtube the presenters were keen to get them into the studio for their first ever live performance on the Radio. 

The year 10 duo visited the studio in Blackburn to perform their modern cover of “Billy Jean” live on air. Ollie plays the acoustic guitar and sings whilst Olivia adds creative vocal harmonies. The hard working pair are keen to gain more experience of performing professionally, and eventually hope to make a career in the music industry. The students are so talented; they cover existing songs as well composing their own. 

After the performance, “The Jerseys” were blown away by the talent that Ollie and Olivia have. They said, “That was outstanding, you guys are gonna make it big! Trust me!”