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Oakhill was the venue for the 2017 dodgeball competitions with 13 schools travelling from across the Ribble Valley to become Dodgeball champions 2017. The format of the games was that if players got hit below the head they was out, teams had 10 mins to try and eliminate as many players in that time. The team with the most players left on court are the winners.

The teams was split into 4 groups with the top 2 teams progressing to the semi-final stages. Group A was won by Gisburn who won all 3 of their group games ahead of Edisford with 2 wins, Brookside finished 3rd who won 1 game with Grindleton in 4th place. Group B was won by Oakhill A who won 2 out of 2, Sabden was runners up winning 1 game leaving Brennands in 4th place. Whalley won both games to win the group ahead of Oakhill B with 1 win and Pendle A. Group D was won by Pendle B winning both games ahead of Oakhill C in 2nd and Clitheroe St James in 3rd.

The semi-final stage was made up of Gisburn vs. Oakhill A with the team from Oakhill winning and Whalley vs. Pendle B with the Clitheroe school coming out on top to meet Oakhill in the final. The 3rd and 4th Place play off was won by Gisburn who left with Bronze medals while Whalley finished 4th. The final was won by Oakhill A winning gold medals and Pendle B winning Silver.

Thank you to Oakhill for hosting the competition, Thank you to all school staff, children and parents for supporting on the day.