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Thursday the 26th October
Me and 29 other students at Accrington Academy set of to Manchester airport at 3:20am. When we got to the airport we were assigned to specific groups which had 1 teacher and 5 students, this made it organised and easy to locate one another. We stayed in these groups to get through security until we got to the shops were we could have free time. At 5:30am we made our way to the boarding lobby and waited patiently until it was time to board the plane. Once we got on the flight and we were in the air we were allowed to move seats so that we could be with our friends. Once we arrived in Barcelona it was 10:50am and we walked to the coach. After a 1 hour and 30 minutes’ drive to our 4* hotel we all went to our rooms and settled in. Later that afternoon we all went to the beach and went around the town which was very placid and was filled with culture and heritage. At 4:30pm we went bowling at an old fashioned bolera where we got into groups of 7 or 8 and competed against each other. Later on we went back to the hotel and at 7:30pm we went for tea which was very delicious, there was a variety of different foods and we all tried something new. After some people went to their room for an early night and some sat around the pool until 9:30pm which was the time we had to be back in our own rooms.
Day 2 Friday 27th October
Today we went the famous football stadium Nou camp in Barcelona, surprisingly it was very impressive, to say I’m not a big football fan. In the football stadium they had gift shops which were on 3 different stories, they had areas to take photos and we went on a grand tour where we saw the changing rooms, the conference room, the higher tier box, the pitch from different levels and the trophies. Then we went to Park Güell which was absolutely stunning and so creative with a nature theme, we took pictures which art students would find useful to draw pictures from and photography students could practise their skills. At 1:30pm we went to Sagrada Familia where we had a tour and listened to an audio tape of the building´s history. An hour later we went to the park across the road to have some lunch. As we travelled through the streets we saw some of Gaudí´s famous architecture which we took photos of. Our last stop for the day was las Ramblas were we walked down the town and then went to a shopping centre to buy souvenirs. We arrived back at the hotel around 6:30pm and chilled out until I accidentally locked us out of our room and I had to go and ask for another room key, as I am a GCSE Spanish student my Spanish teacher helped me ask for a key in Spanish.
Day 3 Saturday 28th October
Today we went to Port Aventura!! This was the day we had all been looking forward to. As we arrived through the gates we could all see the rides and rollercoasters, which were quite big. Once we got in we walked to our meeting point and then we were allowed to go off in groups of 3 or more and explore the park as the teachers went to have a coffee. Me and my friends went to the water rapids first where we got quite wet, then we went to the log flume which we all had a laugh on. At 1:30pm we met at the meeting point for lunch which the hotel provided for us. After we were allowed to go back into the park and have another 4 hours, we went on the log flume again and then met up with two more friends, we didn’t know what else to go on so I suggested a zombie apocalypse ride which I had seen when I was walking to China (all the areas of the park had country themes), we all decided to go on as we could be there for each other if we got scared which me, Georgia and Amy did. We walked through and contaminated people came from every direction to scare us (which worked) Georgia got hit with a bin and me and Amy had to go back for her as the zombie would not let her pass. As we reached the end me, Georgia and Amy ran to the exit but what was waiting for us was not very pleasant at all! A zombie lady with a chainsaw was ready to scare us so I ran up a hill and screamed “leave me alone, I’ve had enough”. Once we got home it was 7:45pm and we went straight to tea. Then me, Georgia, Amy, Elise, Cameron and Radek sat around the pool listening to music and joking about.
Day 4 Sunday 29th October
Today we are going home unfortunately! We had breakfast later at 8:45am instead of 8:00am. After breakfast we went on a hike up a very steep hill and got an amazing view of the sea, coast line and Tossa de Mar. On our way down the hill we had the amazing pleasure of seeing the most stunning sea and all the different colours giving inspiration to the art students and a good photo opportunity for photography students. Once we were back at the beach we had 45 minutes free time were we went to buy ice cream and bought presents for our family, this was a good opportunity for the Spanish students to ask for things in Spanish. At 1:00pm we all went to a restaurant to try churros and chocolate which is a signature dessert dish in Spain. When we went back to the hotel we collected our bags and set off on the coach to the airport which none of us were happy about as we all wanted to stay. Overall I would say we had a pretty successful trip to Spain which we all enjoyed so much and we are so thankful to the teachers for taking us so we could experience a different culture and also we could use our Spanish, art and photography skills to the best ability we could.
By Olivia and Georgia