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This is the day that the coursework finally gets sent off for A-Level Media!  Our Year 12 and Year 13 students have worked so hard over the last few months to perfect their DVD covers and music videos.  Year 12 students have written a detailed research report into a genre of music which they then had to create a video and CD cover based on this genre.  Year 13 students had to write a dissertation complete with bibliography and Harvard referencing and then create posters/DVD covers based on their findings.

Directed by Chloe Avery – Year 12 Media Student – Half a World Away

Directed by Nicole Burrows – Year 12 Media Student – Lay it all on me

Directed by Samantha Gibson – Year 12 student – Big Girls Don’t Cry

Directed by Connor Wickham – Year 12 student – Let her go

Several students came in over the holidays and have stayed in school quite late in the night to finish these and as you can see it was worth it.