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Primary and Secondary liaison:  We don’t wait for students to arrive before they begin their life at the academy!


We place great emphasis on close cooperation between the Academy and our primary schools. There are regular meetings between staff to discuss transition and curriculum continuity.

Students from the academy are regular visitors to many primary schools, assisting with a range of activities as part of their leadership development programme. Pupils from Primary Schools often come to the Academy to take part in curriculum enrichment activities such as Peel Park Primary School who utilise our ICT and swimming pool facilities.

A member of our staff will visit the pupils in their primary school once they have been allocated a place. Pupils also have the opportunity in July to spend a week at the Academy to meet their teachers and other members of their college tutor group.

Moving to any new school from either a primary or another secondary school is frightening and exciting at the same time. You don’t need to worry here. Our teachers encourage, help, coach and reassure us in a nice way to help us learn. With the huge range of clubs and activities from guitar, gymnastics, film, football and trips near and far, you won’t have time to worry – you’ll be too busy enjoying yourself with all your new friends.

Here is what current students say:

We know that we have a great school. We have a wide range of subjects, excellent teachers and fantastic brand new facilities (we even have a climbing wall). What we really love though is that this is our school
We are really listened to and have loads of chances to help and become involved in shaping our school
We are proud of our school and know you will be too when you begin your journey with us
Accrington Academy is the place to be. It’s not just a learning environment but it nurtures, encourages and brings out the best in everybody

We want our parents to be active participants in the life of the Academy. In addition to regular information and opportunities to receive progress updates we actively encourage parents to become involved. Study evenings, Community in Action groups and family celebration weekends are some of the ways in which we achieve this.

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