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Supporting Learning

Disabled students and those who have special educational needs are making good progress this year in line with other students

Ofsted 2015

At Accrington Academy we believe that we all share the responsibility to:
  • Create a safe, secure and stimulating environment by treating others as we wish to be treated
  • Work hard to achieve our potential
  • Act in a manner that creates a positive learning climate
  • Recognise, respect and celebrate our individual differences in a socially acceptable way
We have worked with our nurture students in a range of projects. (Can we have some examples with photos otherwise this is just an empty statement – CF)
Supporting Students Additional Needs
At some stage in a students educational career they will experience times when they need additional support with their learning. Accrington Academy places an emphasis on strong support for students with additional needs. These needs may be learning, social, emotional, behavioural or medical.
We provide individual, small group and classroom support for all students that require extra help to be successful and make progress with their learning.
The learning of these students is monitored carefully and intervention strategies are put in place quickly to ensure students make the progress they are capable of. Students are supported with strategies that will help them in their classroom and around school.
The Academy works closely with many specialist support providers who are able to work with us in supporting student access to learning. Students who are experiencing medical or personal problems are fully supported to enable them to integrate quickly into school life and their curriculum.
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