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Sport Specialism

Our Vision for SPORT is:
We believe that active participation in Sport leads to the development of positive attitudes and skills that prepare them for curriculum success, develop healthy lifestyles and encourages community involvement.

Accrington Academy sport aims

  • To provide a wide range of learning opportunities and experiences in curricular and extra-curricular activities for all students
  • To use SPORT to engage, motivate and raise the aspirations of all stakeholder
  • To use SPORT to support learning in all areas across the academy.
  • To ensure the academy is at the heart of cutting edge of provision in learning through SPORT

Accrington Academy’s Sports Specialism strives to deliver excellence in provision and outcomes for students, and its values permeate many aspects of the Academy’s work.

For Accrington, being an Academy with a specialism in Sport is about more than just offering an exciting range of opportunities and state-of-the-art facilities.

We use our specialism to instill a set of values in our students that are vitally important to lifelong learning both in and out of education. These include ambition, determination to succeed, respect, enthusiasm, confidence and creativity.

Regular physical activity helps keep Accrington Academy students fit and healthy. This improves attendance and helps to increase focus and performance in the classroom.

Our links with local clubs and sports governing bodies enable us to provide a high quality sports enrichment programme, which enhances our curriculum and creates a challenging and competitive environment. We have built up strong relationships with the Youth Sport Trust, Accrington Stanley, Dame Kelly Holmes Trust, Sky Sports and an extensive list of National Governing Bodies which help us give opportunities to all of our students, partner schools and the Community. We are a designated Combat Hub for the Youth Sport Trust which gives our students outstanding opportunities in Combat Sports.

Students who display potential to achieve at the highest level in their sport are given extra support and access to flexible timetables. All students are encouraged to pursue their chosen sports but not at the expense of their academic progress.

From Year 9 students can gain accreditation through the Level 2 BTEC Sport course alongside additional national sport governing bodies’ awards. This follows onto our Level 3 Sport range of vocational courses linked to the sport and leisure industry.

We promote citizenship, health and life-long learning through sport. A programme of health education and fitness underpins physical education across all key stages.

The specialism is for all students and extends out into the community. All students receive a bespoke PE curriculum and a vast enrichment programme that provides after school activities and training to meet students’ interests. Community projects ensure The Academy is utilised to support local clubs and help provide an active and healthy society. The Sport Specialism is an integral part of Accrington Academy life and one which we are proud of.

Clubs Teams and Events

Accrington Academy provide a wide range of extra-curricular clubs, teams and events.
TEAMS – Our teams participate in local, regional and national competitions gaining success in a wide range of sports.
CLUBS – A programme of clubs and activities runs regularly in the Academy.
EVENTS – We regularly run a wide range of additional sporting events.