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Regional Training Centre (RTC)

Here at Accrington Academy we host a series of RTC events over the course of the academic year. The events range from varied platforms in education to new features, techniques and processes that can help with ones teaching and learning. 


The Regional Training Centre programme was born in the UK in 2005 to provide teachers with training, expertise and access to best practice to support their use of Apple technology in the classroom. The programme brings together a wide community of experienced educators and experts who provide free and easy access to Apple’s creative learning technologies through local learning-hubs.

Every RTC has unique skills, a different curriculum or subject focus but all share the same objectives:

  • To provide a focus on pedagogy, for sharing best practice and gaining skills
  • To introduce planned, effective, digital solutions to schools using Mac and iPad
  • To train teachers to use Apple’s tools and help enable active and transformative teaching within the classroom.
  • To support, enhance and transform teaching and learning outcomes

The RTC Programme is a community programme and as such the ethos is about sharing each others’ learning experiences and knowledge between peers. The RTCs in the UK are learning-hubs within local regions, promoting collaboration and the sharing of resources and practices. Here at Accrington Academy via United Learning’s expertise with the use of iPads in education we do focus on their use but also try to incorporate other third party tools and software that we believe enhance teaching in schools.

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All about iTunes U

itunes-uThe first RTC event of the academic year 2015/6 delved into the possibilities of using iTunes U as a innovative upgrade to current schemes of learning across all key stages of education. Delegates were invited to experience a hands on look at the possibilities of using iTunes U in their own contexts. This event allowed practitioners to experience the functionality of the iTunes U app through iTunes U course manager- creating and designing their own courses for their own subject areas. 

iTunes U allows staff and students to share work through linked documents and create a platform for academic dialogue- revolutionising the teacher-student feedback cycle. 

This new approach to teaching and learning has helped individuals develop ideas surrounding flipped learning and boundless classroom hubs.

The second session for iTunes U will take place later in the academic year for an evening of showcasing developments using the platform further.

Class collaboration and instant Assessment For Learning (AFL)

This RTC evening was dynamically led by the English and ICT departments from Accrington Academy, the session explored uses of Classflow and Google Apps for Education

ClassFlow_logoPractitioners from around the region were invited to experience a personalised 1:1 English lesson in a classroom of 40 delegates. This process demonstrated the use of Classflow’s AFL strategies and unique teacher-student and student-student interaction functions. 


Google-Docs-logoThe second part of the evening gave delegates a brief, but stimulating taster of the power of Google Apps for Education, specifically looking at the use of Google Docs for collaboration, homework hand in and all teacher feedback and student response cycles. In amongst the large amount of classroom and student specific applications, the possibilities of Google as a tracking system were thoroughly explored; clear uses of and possible replacement options of this system were identified alongside the download-free capacity have ensured that Google Apps for Education is a worthy area for everyone to explore further.  

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