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At Accrington Academy we take pride in our curriculum, in the flexibility it affords and the opportunities it gives to our students. The broad and balanced curriculum we provide is crucial to the development of well-rounded learners who have the opportunity to progress into Sixth Form and beyond.

In this ever changing world we as a school need to adapt to ensure we maximise your child’s success. With the move from modular to terminal examinations, we feel it is the right time to bring our full options process into Year 8. This will allow more time for your child to develop a deeper understanding of the subjects that they are interested in and will help them take the next step towards their chosen career.

The subject pages of the website contain essential information for you and your child. You will need time to read it carefully and we cannot emphasise strongly enough that your child should not make hasty decisions and should seek the advice of as many adults as possible including yourself, teachers, tutors and their Director of College. Above all ensure the choices made are in your child’s best interest and not because of who the teacher is or what their friends are doing.

This is an exciting time for your child, it is the beginning of a journey and the time for looking towards a bright future starts now.

Andrew Dalton-Bunker
Vice Principal