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Maths Specialism

The aim of the Mathematics department is to provide an environment where every students has the opportunity to learn and become competent users of Mathematics in a wider use. The department will contribute to the development of students as Mathematical thinkers and helping them become better lifelong learners in the process.

In KS4 our students have the opportunity to take additional qualifications in Mathematics. Students are given the chance to study for GCSE Use of Mathematics and AQA’s Level 2 Further Mathematics qualification. This provides an exceptional platform through to A Level and enables our brightest students to discover new mathematical concepts and studying content that is different to what is on the GCSE.

We are involved in several regional and national Maths challenges.
Every year we participate in the North West UL Maths competition we are the current winners of.

Edge Hill University Mathematics Challenge

We were pleased to be invited to participate in  Edge Hill University Mathematics Challenge. This an annual competition organised by the Faculty of Education that provides students the opportunity to tackle engaging mathematical activities while developing teamwork and communication. The competition is designed specifically for Year 9 students and is very different from the Mathematical work associated with Key Stage 3 and 4 mathematics and examinations. The students have responded to this very well and are really engaging with some very interesting problems.

Maths Genius program

We are fortunate enough to have a member of staff in our department who is a designated maths mentor. Mr Else is a fully qualified Maths specialist and work in supporting specific cohorts of students and classes. He work with specific students throughout both KS3 and KS4 both in and out of Maths lessons concentrating on making an impact with certain areas. This can range from pushing students to higher grades in KS4 or supporting students with the mastery of certain KPIs in KS3.

Take control of your learning…


Be the best you can be…

Work at your own pace on your topics

Improve your grades…


Refreshments on offer…

Work with a student who understands your issues

The Mathematics Genius programme is offered through the Mathematics department to students from year 7 – year 9.  The purpose behind the programme is to support students over a period of time to acquire mastery of the subject as well as developing a deeper understanding of the topics covered so they are competent enough to apply these to problem solving questions.  Students attending the Maths Genius programme will be tutored by a mentee at the school.  The mentees will focus on key topic areas highlighted by student’s class teachers from the most recent assessments.  Students will work through these topic areas and endeavour to have mastered these skills in the lead up to the next assessment.  Students attending the programme have greatly benefited in terms of increased academic performance, self-esteem and boost their confidence levels, hence this will develop crucial independent study skills needed for their GCSE’s.