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Every Child Matters

Every Child Matters (ECM) was originally a widely adopted government initiative launched back in 2003. At Accrington Academy we believe that many of its values still hold true and we strongly believe that Every Child Matters and that philosophy is embedded within our holistic provision.

At Accrington Academy our main aims are for every child to have the support he or she needs to….  


  1. Be Healthy
    (physically, socially and emotionally)
  2. Stay Safe
    (from bullying, crime, discrimination and harm)
  3. Enjoy and Achieve
    (active participant and keen to succeed)
  4. Make a Positive Contribution
    (to the local community and environment)
  5. Achieve Economic Well-Being
    (ready for further education, training and employment)
The Academy adopts a whole-school approach to meet these five outcomes:
Support and Guidance
These five aims are at the heart of the Academy’s pastoral system where staff work together alongside a number of external agencies to ensure every student receives the support he or she needs to succeed.
The five strands are evident throughout the curriculum. 
ECM Days
These consist of five whole-school days (one per half-term). Each day focuses on one of the five ECM outcomes and normal timetable is suspended for the day. Sessions are delivered by staff and outside agencies.
During the 5 ECM days a range of age specific activities occur such as theme days for example, road safety as a pedestrian for the younger students or making sensible decisions for older students with regard to personal safety. The Academy nurse has worked with Year 9 on issues around mental health. There are inter college competitive events organised, for example making things from recycled materials with points awards to the college producing the best items. As part of the community strand Zeus College offered voluntary help for local elderly residents near to the Academy by working on their gardens.
Most of the activities are aimed at promoting fundamental values
  • Create a safe, secure and stimulating environment by treating others as we wish to be treated
  • Act in a manner that creates a positive learning climate
  • Recognise, respect and celebrate our individual differences in a socially acceptable way
 A selection of photographs from some of the activities are in the gallery opposite.
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