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Assessment Recording and Reporting

Assessment at Accrington Academy is ‘finding out what an individual student knows and can do’. The process of assessment is continuous in that teachers are continually monitoring the work of students. In addition there are also termly, module or year end assessments for students in all year groups.

In years 7-10 students sit two examination periods throughout the year (Christmas and Easter) in addition to continuous classroom teacher assessments.

In Years 11 and Sixth Form years 1 and 2 students will sit additional and regular ‘mock’ examinations to prepare for appropriate entry to public examinations. This applies to BTEC, GCSE and A-level examinations.

Parents receive one full written report and five interim reports a year, which show their child’s progress in all subjects*. The report is only one means of communicating progress to parents. The consultation evening or ‘Parents Evening’ is a very special event, where teachers can discuss each student’s progress with their parents. We organise the timing of reports and parents evenings so that parents receive information on a regular basis.

We want our parents to be active participants in the life of the Academy. In addition to regular information and opportunities to receive progress updates we actively encourage parents to become involved. Study evenings, the purple pen project and celebration events are some of the ways in which we achieve this.

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