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Springhill C
Great Harwood A

Due to the huge popularity of these events last year, this year we held three separate KS1 Kurling events. Kurling is an adaptation of the winter sport of kurling on ice and involves rolling stones towards a target.  The team whose stone ends up closest to the target at the end of the game is declared the winner.

The first of the events was held at Hyndburn Academy on Weds 5th December.  Ten teams played off in two groups with the top two teams from each group qualifying for the semi-finals.  Springhill A and Springhill C were both unbeaten in their groups and St Peters B and Great Harwood A qualified for the semi-finals from group two.  In the semi-finals, Springhill A beat St Peters B and Great Harwood A beat Springhill C in their respective matches.  This lead to Springhill A playing Great Harwood A in an extremely tense final which Springhill A won.  Springhill C were victorious against St Peters B who were playing in their first HRVSSP tournament.

1 – Springhill A

2 – Great Harwood A

3 – Springhill C

4 – St Peters B

Thanks to Hyndburn Academy for hosting and to their students who led the event.


The second event was hosted by St Augustine’s High School on 6th December.  Twenty teams took part in this one with each team being split into four groups and the top team from each group qualifying for the semi final.  Brennands B were unbeaten in their group and Waddington and West Bradford and St Josephs Hurst Green emerged dominant in their groups but Group Two was an extremely close affair with St Wulstans and Gisburn B equal on points.  Overall Ends won needed to be calculated and this meant that St Wulstans qualified for the semi-finals.

In the semi-finals It was St Joseph’s Hurst Green and Waddington and West Bradford that won their games so they met in the final whilst Brennands B and St Wulstan’s played off for third place. The overall results were as follows but all teams must be commended on the good spirits in which the games were played.  Thanks also go to the leaders from St Augustine’s High School.

1 – St Joseph’s Hurst Green

2 – Waddington and West Bradford

3 – Brennands B

4 – St Wulstans


The third and final event was held at Accrington Academy on Monday 17th December. Seventeen      teams were spilt into three groups with the top four teams qualifying for the knock out stages.  Again, the competition was intense but the semi-finals involved Belthorn B and St Nicholas, SImonstone A and Belthorn A.  Belthorn A and Belthorn B won both of their semi-finals to meet in the final and Simonstone A and St Nicks played off for third place.  In the end it was the year 1 Belthorn B team who beat their older year 2 team for first place.

1 – Belthorn B

2 – Belthorn A

3 – Simonstone A

4 – St Nicholas

All of the children who took part in all of the kurling events should be congratulated as the excitement, competitive spirt and good team work was evident throughout all of the competitions.