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The KS1 Primary Dance Festivals welcomed 12 local Primary Schools from the Hyndburn and Ribble Valley area to take part in a Dance Workshop hosted at Bowland High and Accrington Academy. Students were given the opportunity to engage creatively with others, learn new movement material and listen to the spectacular book ‘Giraffe’s Can’t Dance. Together they explored fun movements based on animals from the jungle. They had fun with ‘Rhino hand jives’ and ‘Baboon Scottish reels’. Through creative explorations students had the chance to pop bubbles, create shapes in the air with ribbon streamers, fly puffer fish high with a parachute, recall the Mr Men characters through duet work and keep silver space sheets floating through the air.

Katie Allcott, the partnership Dance teacher who ran the events commented that it was “An absolute pleasure to watch and work with such happy little faces.”