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What Our Staff Say

Here are a few testimonials from current staff expressing how they genuinely feel about working at the Academy.

Karl Croniken

Karl Croniken

Subject Lead Geography

“As a new member of staff I was worried about the transition into an unfamiliar school setting after being at my previous school for the past four years. I need not have worried. The support I have received from all members of staff has been excellent and I have quickly become a settled member of the team.  Working at Accrington Academy is far from dull as no two days are the same. Each day has its own set of challenges and rewards. 
The biggest reward is being able to work with a diverse group of students who are intelligent, well-mannered and importantly for me good humoured. The students brighten each day with their hard work and appreciation for what we do as teachers. I feel I made the correct decision to work at Accrington Academy and I look forward to furthering myself as a practitioner and subject leader in a supportive, successful secondary school.”

Lisa Clarke

Lisa Clarke

Subject Lead Music

“Students at Accrington Academy are a pleasure to work with. The nature of my subject means that I often need to work with students in my free time, but it’s not a strain to do that here because more often than not, the students appreciate the opportunity more than you need them to be there!”
“I feel very well supported here at the Academy. Whenever I have an idea about an event for my department, or a risky teaching method that I want to try, I always feel that no matter what SLT have got my back.”

Sophie Kirkwood

Sophie Kirkwood

Mathematics Teacher

“I first experienced Accrington Academy as a trainee teacher and instantly felt the support and guidance which I needed. Now, as an NQT, I have received an unbelievable amount of support from all members of staff across the Academy and feel like I have been part of the team for years.
The students make the job due to their enthusiasm for the subjects and positive attitude to learning. Every day is different and the opportunities provided allow us to make a real difference to students’ lives.”

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Would you like to share your career experiences with our students?


With National Careers week approaching on Monday 2nd March,  we are looking to build up a directory of people in as many different jobs and professions as possible who would be willing to give an insight into the different roles they carry out.


If you are interested please follow the below link or contact the Academy directly - 01254 304300