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It was a lovely start to the summer term, as the sun was shining bright as 15 teams from Hyndburn came to take part in the Year 3 & 4 Tennis competition at Hyndburn Tennis Club. Sports leaders from Accrington Academy did a great job at officiating all the games and helping the event run smoothly. The teams were split into 4 groups and the winner of each group qualified for the semi-final. The 4 schools through to play in the semi finals were St Anne’s & St Josephs (SASJ) A team v STSJ B team and Peel Park A v ST Marys A team. The final saw Peel Park v SASJ A team & playing for 3rd or 4th place was SASJ B team V St Marys A team. All these 4 teams did a fantastic job making it through to the top 4, the overall finishing results were…

1st Peel Park A

2nd SASJ A

3rd SASJ B

4th St Marys A

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